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Wrist Hand

Kinesiology for DPT

Do pivot joints have glide? No.
Does the ulna make contact with the carpals? hell, no
Trapezium articulates with the ________. thumb
Starting with proximal, radial carpals and moving towards the ulna, what are the carpals? S L T P T T C H
Which carpal has poor blood supply? scaphoid and the lunate (Keinboch's disease)
What does foosh stand for? fall on out stretched hand
If you fracture the scaphoid, you will feel pain on the ___________. snuffbox
What injury is the lunate prone to? dislocation
What is the only proximal carpal with muscle attachment and what muscle attaches to it? pisiform and the abductor digiti minimi attaches to it.
The trapezium forms a ________ joint with the ___________. saddle; 1st metacarpal
Do not use thumb as a ___________ joint. rotatory
The keystone of the wrist is the ___________. capitate
Flex your wrist and the bone that pokes out is ________. the capitate
The wrist serves to _________ the length tension ratios of muscles. optimize
The wrist consists of __________ and ________________ joints. radiocarpal and midcarpal
No muscles provide movement at ____________ joint in the wrist. only one (movement is linked to both joints
Is the radiocarpal joint concave on convex? No. Convex on concave
The inclination of the radius is _____ degrees and ___ mm 23 degrees and 12 mm
The triangular fibrocartilaginous complex consists of ______. meniscus homologue; dorsal and palmar radioulnar ligaments
What are the four functions of the triangular fibrocartilaginous complex? provides articular surface for ulna/radius and carpals/ulna; binds distal radius and ulna; provides stability; shifts loads from radius to ulna
Midcarpal joints are ____________ joints bw carpals plane synovial
The midcarpal joint participates in __________ motions. wrist
Volar ligaments of the wrist do this? maintain ingegrity of carpals
Dorsal ligaments of wrist do what? support dorsal surface of carpals
If I go into radial deviation I am stressing the _________ ligament. ulnar
Intercarpals prevent ____________. separation of carpals
In full wrist extension, ______ is on ________. scaphoid on radius
In full wrist flexion, _________ is on __________. capate on scaphoid
In partial wrist extension, _______ is on _________. scaphoid on lunate
In neutral to 45 degrees the scaphoid moves..... as part of the distal row
Scaphoid and capitate are in close packed position at ________. neutral
In wrist, flexion to extention ______ moves on ________ distal moves on proximal
From neutral to 45 degrees of extension, the scaphoid part of the distal row i
In full wrist flexion, _________ is on __________. capitate on scaphoid
In partial wrist extension, _______ is on _________. scaphoid on lunate
In neutral to 45 degrees the scaphoid moves..... as part of the distal row
Scaphoid and capitate are in close packed position at ________. neutral
In wrist, flexion to extention ______ moves on ________ distal moves on proximal
What are the articulating surfaces of the CMC on the thumb? trapezium with 1st metacarpal
Joints 2-5 CMC are what kind of joints? plane synovial
On CMC where is the articular cartilage? all sides, multiple small articulations
What is the motion of CMC primarily flex/extend
The CMC has strong _________ and _______ longitudinal ligs strong transverse ligaments and weaker longitudinal ligaments
What type of joint is the CMC of the thumb and how many degrees of freedom does it have? saddle, 2DF
MCP's give us that __________ grip ducky
The pisiform serves as a ________ bone to increase the lever arm of flexor carpi ulnaris. sesamoid
What is a sesmoid bone? a bone embedded within a ligament
What muscle inserts on the pisiform, hook of hamate and base of fifth metacarpal? flexor carpi ulnaris
What motions take pace at the radiocarpal joint? biaxial: flexion/extension and ulnar/radial deviation
What is the end feel of the ulnar deviaton? firm
What is the end feel of radial deviation? hard
Is ulnar variance normal? No.
At 45 degrees of extension ______ ligament becomes tight and _______ and _______ are in closed packed position. scapholunate; scaphoid and lunate
When you are in 45 degrees to full extension of the wrist, ______ carpals act as a unit on radius and ________. all; triangularfibro cartilaginous complex
When you are completing radial and ulnar deviation, the proximal and distal rows of carpals move _________________. in opposite directions
What are the motions of the CMC of the thumb and these motions occur in which planes? flex and extend in frontal plane; ab/adduction in the sagital plane; opposition occurs cross planarly
On the CMC of the thumb, abduction and adduction are _________________. (convex on concave or concave on convex) convex on concave
On the CMC of the thumb, flexion and extension are ____________________. (convex on concave or concave on convex) concave on convex
The articulating surfaces of the metacarpalphalangeal joints are __________. (convex on concave or concave on convex) concave phalanx on convex metacarpal
What type of joints are the MCP's and how many degrees of freedom do they have? condyloid 2 DF
What are the motions of the MCP's? flexion/extension; ab/adduction
When are the MCP's in close packed position? When they are in full flexion.
The MCP capsule is lax in _________. extension
The volar plates palmarly _________ capsule, _________ joint stability, keeps tendon __________ joint and __________ hyperextension reinforces capsule, enhances joint stability, keeps tendon away from joint, restricts hyperextension
The MCP collateral ligaments are ________ in extension and ________ in flexion. loose in extension; tight in flexion
The interphalangeal joints are _________ joints, have ____ degree of freedom, are _________ on __________ and facilitate these actions: hinge; 1 DF; convex on concave; flexion and extension
Interphalangeal joints are close packed when in __________. extension
Each IP joint has a joint ________ and __________ ligament. joint capsule and collateral ligament
On the flexar surface there is are _____ and _______ bursa. radial and ulnar
The radial bursa is (continuous/non-continuous??) and encases _________. continuous and encases the flexor pollicis longus
The ulnar bursa is (continuous/non-continuous??) and encases _______________. all flexor digitorum profundus and flexor digitorum superficialis tendons
There are _______ synovial sheaths for extensor tendons. individual
There are ___ separate synovial sheaths for extensor tendons (______ tunnels). They are the following: 6; dorsal; 1. APL, EPB 2. ECRL, ECRB 3. EPL 4. EI, EDC 5. EDM 6. ECU
What does the extensor retinaculum prevent? bowstringing of extensor tendons
What 2 things do the flexor retinaculum do? maintain carpal arch, prevent bowstringing of finger flexors
What nerves run through the flexor retinaculum? median nerve runs deep to retinaculum through carpal tunnel, ulnar runs deep to retinaculum in tunnel of guyon
Name the power grips cylindrical, spherical, hook, lateral prehension
Name the precision grips pad to pad tip to tip pad to side
_________________ is a flexor compartment syndrome that affects the ulnar nerve and results in a claw hand. Volkmann's ischemic contracture
If someone has an ape hand the ________ nerve is being affected. median nerve
The __________ nerve results in a limp wrist. radial nerve
In carpal tunnel syndrome the ___________ is being compressed. median nerve
What are the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome? hand parasthesia, pain atrophy of thenar muscles
What are the treatments for carpal tunnel? splinting, work station evaluation, anti-inflammatory modalities, patient education
___________ nerve compression at the wrist causes Guyon's canal syndrome. Ulnar
_______ syndrome is when there is inflammation of the 1st extensor sheath, pain in the anatomical snuff box, and results in a positive Finklestein's test. DeQuervain's
What is the symptom and cause of trigger finger? tendon sticks when trying to extend finger; thickening of tendon sheath, nodules on tendon
What causes "Pope's hand" and what is the disorder caused? contraction of palmar fascia resulting in fixed flexion deformity of MCP and PIP; Dupuytren's Contracture
__________ causes swan neck deformity where the lateral bands sublux dorsally. The PIP hyperextends and DIP flexes. This may be caused by spasms of ______. Extensor mechanism dysfunction; intrinsics
What is Boutonniere's deformity? rupture of central slip resulting in lateral bands slipping volarly; flexion of PIP and extension of DIP
Mallet finger is a rupture or avulsion of central tendon where it _____ into ____________ resulting in the inability to extend ____________ actively. inserts; distal phalanx; distal phalanx
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