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Study Questions for Unit 1 p.10-33

What does the word "church" mean The Greek word used in the New Testament is ekklesia, meaning, "to call out of."
Why can faith and church membership not be separated? From a Catholic perspective, Christian faith cannot be separated from a relationship with the Church because where the Church is, God is.
What is needed to sustain faith? Prayer, study, reflection and exercised in loving action.
Why must faith be communal as well as personal? No one alone can act as the body of Christ. A true disciple must act in communion with others.
Name three examples of formal structures withing in the Church Creeds, doctrines, and rituals
How do the formal structures of the Church support faith? Creeds, doctrines, and rituals have ensured that the faith given by Jesus Christ has survived even when the Church itself has sinned.
Who is responsible for the reconciliation of all Christians in the unity of the Church? The ecumenical movement involves the efforts of all people.
Why is the Church One? The Church is one because the Trinity is one.
Which of the Church's structures support unity within the Church? How is this so? The Church does not posses the marks itself; rather, they come from Christ, who is their source. The Council of Nicaea pointed out that one could not separate faith in the Trinity from a belief that the Church is "one, holy, catholic, and apostolic."
Why is the Church holy? The Church is holy because it is the body of Christ-the Holy One of God. The Church is also holy because the Holy Spirit dwells within it.
Define Holiness Holiness means "to be set apart." All holiness comes from God, who alone is truly holy.
What is the relationship between the Church and the kingdom of God? The Church is the sign of the kingdom of God. It is not the kingdom of God. When the kingdom of God comes to fullness, the Church will pass away.
Which of the Church's structures support us in our efforts to be holy? 1. Moral teachings of the Church 2. Evangelical counsels and the witness of those who live by them 3. The sacraments
What does the term "Catholic" mean? (3 meanings) 1. Universal 2. In totality 3. In keeping with the whole
Name 3 things we are saying about the Church when we describe it as "Catholic." 1. It is whole, it is complete 2. The Church is for all people 3. What the Church teaches is based on revelation.
What does it mean to commit to a Church that is "catholic"? 1. Can never disregard past present or future generations. 2. The community knows and accepts its personal call and responsibility to change the world. 3. Through word & action, they will bring the gospel to every person they meet.
How is the Church faithful to its apostolic nature? 1. Recognize the Church was built on the foundation of apostles chosen by Jesus. 2. Follow guidance of H.S. in Scripture, faithfully interpret, live and teach what apostles taught. 3. Accept papal authority
What historical circumstances led to the Church's emphasis on apostolic succession? As a result of a false teaching called gnosticism, the Church emphasized the teachings of the apostles.
What is the role of the pope? The pope is the perpetual source of unity among the bishops and all the people of the Church.
Created by: Angela Glaser
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