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Ch 1 Confirmation

Ch 1 review for 2013 copyright

advocate means mediator, intercessor, comforter, and consoler
Christ Means anointed one in Greek
The people of God throughout the world, the Body of Christ Church
The gift of God that helps us live as he wants us to live. Grace
Messiah Means anointed one in Hebrew.
Using our talents and resources to help others and the world. Stewardship
The Gospel in action. Catholic Social Teaching
The customary way to conduct a religious ceremony. Rite
One who preaches the Good News. Evangelist
This Spirit-filed person helped the less fortunate with the help of the Holy Spirit by starting over 70 institutions. Frances Cabrini
This person had the special privilege of being with Jesus during crucial times. St. John the Evangelist
ruah Hebrew word for Spirit and means breath in the Old Testament
When the disciples were filled with the Holy Spirit. Pentecost
Jesus said he would not leave us like this. Orphans
Transforming energy of the Holy Spirit fire
The presence of the Holy Spirit at Jesus' baptism. dove
Uniting us with Jesus. anointing
regeneration and renewal water
We cannot see it, but we can feel it. wind
Word of God Scripture, Bible, Gospels
Who is the Holy Spirit? Sent by Jesus to be with us always, third Person of the Blessed Trinity
What are the five images of the Holy Spirit presented in Chapter 1? Fire, dove, anointing, water, wind
Confirmation is an opportunity to _________ your commitment to Jesus and his Church. strengthen
At Confirmation you may keep the Christian name you received at ____________ or choose the name of another holy person to be your __________ of Christian life. Baptism, model
How is God's action described in the first chapter of Genesis? wind
The disciples feared they would be _________ without Jesus. lost or orphaned
The Spirit is helping us ______________ God the Father's intentions for us. understand
We are __________ to receive a special outpouring of the Spirit in Confirmation. preparing
What is the Holy Spirit's role in the story of Pentecost? The Holy Spirit came on Pentecost to fill the disciples with grace and give them courage.
What is the significance of the dove as a symbol for Confirmation? The Spirit appeared like a dove above Jesus when he came out of the waters of his baptism.
How is the Holy Spirit active in the world today? Give three examples. The spirit gives us grace to help us understand what God is calling us to do.
Why is it good to choose your Baptismal name for Confirmation? Confirmation seals what was started at Baptism.
Describe an example of the Holy Spirit involved in the life of someone in the Old Testament you read about in Chapter 1. The Holy Spirit helped Moses lead the Hebrew people out of Egypt to freedom. Holy Spirit lead the prophets of the Old Testament to speak to God, inspired David as King, Creation
Describe an example from Chapter 1 of the Holy Spirit involved in the life of someone in the New Testament. The Holy Spirit came to Mary as she says yes to being the Mother of Jesus; Spirit leads Jesus into the wilderness to pray; Spirit comes to disciples on Pentecost to give them courage to preach.
When does the Holy Spirit come to us? Baptism and Confirmation.
How does the Holy Spirit give meaning to our lives? The Holy Spirit helps us know we are loved and shows us how to love others.
Who gives us the ability to lead a Christian life? The Holy Spirit
Who sent the Holy Spirit? Jesus
What does the Holy Spirit do? The Holy Spirit helps us learn what Jesus means to us and gives us the grace to act as Jesus did.
Birthday of the Church Pentecost
God the Father Creator
God the Son Savior and Redeemer
God the Holy Spirit reveals Jesus to us
Confirmand one preparing to be confirmed
Feast Day of St. Frances Cabrini November 13
Why should we love one another? Because we are all created by God, all Children of God, and to be like Jesus isto show love to one another.
How many Catholic Social Teachings are there? 7 areas of concern
Who defined the Catholic Social Teachings? The US bishops
What are the Catholic Social Teachings about? building a just society and living good decent lives by caring forthose in need
Describe one of the teachings in your own words. See page 9
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