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Fall of W. Rome Sum

This is a review for the summative on the Fall of the Western Roman Empire

In the 200's why did Emperors give up land? By 200’s emperors had given up land because the empire was too large and they could not defend it all.
While alive in the early 300's, what did Emperor Constantine do to the Empire? In 306 Constantine rose to power and reunited the empire. In 330 he moved the capital to the east and the new city became Constantinople. Power was now in the east and no longer with the city of Rome in the west.
What changed in the late 300's after Emperor Constantine death? In the late 300’s after his death, the empire was split up again for the final time. Historians call the eastern half the Byzantine Empire. The people in the east always thought of themselves as Romans.
What caused the ultimate end of the Western Roman Empire in 476? In 476 the last Roman emperor was overthrown by a general of the Goths ending the western half of the Roman Empire.
Besides invasions from the Huns, Goths, Vandals, Franks what else contributed to the end or weakened the Western Roman Empire? (CARD 1 of 2) Diseases like the plague killed people. Empire too large to communicate effectively. Officials used threats/bribery to achieve goals (corruption)so leaders no longer effective. Rich fled to their country estates & hired own armies for protection.
Besides invasions from the Huns, Goths, Vandals, Franks what else contributed to the end or weakened the Western Roman Empire? (CARD 2 of 2) Germanic people living at borders joined Rome’s army but not loyal to Rome. Increased taxes left people poor & no money to fix roads/buildings. More Christians in Empire who refused to worship Emperor as a god & would not fight in army due to religion.
Created by: wojo1177