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Stearns- chapter 1

Ancient India

Hunting and Gathering Preindustrial state in which members use a combination of hunting and gathering to acquire food.
Neolithic Age Time period when people used polished stone artifacts and were farmers. (8000-5000 b.c.)
Culture Combinations of the ideas, objects, and patterns of behavior that result form human social interaction.
Band Social organization used by hunter-gatherer societies with associations of families not exceeding 25 to 60 people.
Matrilocal A culture in which young men upon marriage go to live with the brides' families.
Catal Huyuk Catal Huyuk was a Neolithic village located in Southern Turkey. Archeologists have excavated it and have been able to gather information on typical Neolithic villages.
Bronze Age Subdivision of pre-history technological advancement in which bronze metalwork was devoloped in the middle east.
Slash and Burn Agriculture System of agriculture that allows farmers to grow grain and places it does not naturally grow. It involves cutting down forestation of an area which is burned for the purposes of using the ashes as fertilizer for the de-forested area.
Hammurabi Ruled from 1792-1750 B.C. The most important ruler of the Babylonian empire responsible for creating a code of laws for the people.
Indo-Europeans They were hunting and herding people from India, who introduced the use of iron which soon would establish the basis for a new form of government and wealthy economies.
Civilization Formal states, writing, cities, and monuments characterize civilizations. They also develop elaborate trading patterns and extensive political territories.
Nomads People with no permanent home who roam from place to place searching for pasture lands.
Homo Sapiens The human species that emerged as most successful at the end of the paleolithic period.
Agrarian Revolution Sparked by the development of agriculture in the Neolithic Age.
Matrilineal Descent traced exclusively through the femal line.
Neolithic Revolution The term for the invention of agriculture. It began in 10000 B.C., and gradually spread through India, Africa, and Europe.
Domestication The taming of wild animals by humans, and the use of animals for farming and food sources.
Babylonians One of the Amorite kingdoms in Mesopotamia, which developed an empire centralized at the city-state of Babylon. They're collaspe was due to foriegn invasion.
Harappa Archeological site of an Indus-Valley city inhabited since 8000 B.C.
Mesopotamia A region of the ancient Middle East located between the Tigris and the Euphrates rivers.
Paleolithic The period where human beings learned only simple tool use, mainly by shaping rocks and sticks for hunting and warfare. The greatest acheivement of the Paleolithic people was their spread across much of the world.
Savages Non-civilized, barbaric people
Neanderthals An extinct human species living in the Paleolithic times in parts of Europe, Africa, and Asia
Natufian Complex A preagricultural culture, located in present day Israel, Jordan, and Lebanon, that collected barley and wheat for food.
Pastoralism A nomadic and agricultural lifesytle involving domesticating and herding animals.
Jericho The longest continually inhabited place in the world. It is located in Israel, and the early inhabitants used sedentary agriculture for planting.
Social Differentiation (blank)
Ideographs (blank)
Shang Dynasty (blank)
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