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Hx of Medicine

What role did the Romans play on the hx of medicine? began the use of public health and sanitation systems
Who was Jonas Stalk? founder of the the polio vaccine in 195
Who began using antiseptics during surgery? Joseph Lister
who was the 'father of medicine"? Hippocrates
who developed a vaccine for small pox in 1796? Edward Jenner
founder of modern nursing? Florence Nightingale
What did Benjamin Frankiln do? invented biofocals and studied how people got sick
when was Penicilin discovered? by who? 1928, Sir alexander flemming
which two artsists drew a human body using dissection? Micheal Angelo, Leonardo Davinci
when was the American Cross founded? by who? 1881, Clara Barton
what is a retro virus? any of a family of sinle stranded RNA viruses that produce reverse transcripase by menas of which DNA is synthesized using their RNA as a a template and incorporated into the genome of in fected cells, often tumorgenic including those of HIV
Define Oncogene a gene having the potential to cause a normal cell to become cancerous
Compare and Contrast bacteriostatic and bactericidal bacteriocidal- destroying bacteria bacteriostatic- growth of bacteria without destruction
whats the germ theory and who is credited for it? Louis Pasteur, discovery that infections and diseases result from an microrganisms action.
define Apothecories person who prepares and sells drugs for medical purposes
whats another word for germ? pathogens
what is a germ? a specific causative agent of disease
define transfusion process of tranfusing blood or fluid into a vein or artery
how are vaccines usually administered by? through an injection
define disease impairment of the normal state of a body or parts that interupt the perfomance of the vital functions and is a respoinse to enviormental factors
define anatomy a branch of morphology dealing with the structure of organisms
how can we prevent disease? washing our hands
who suggested we wash our hands to prevent disease? ignaz semmelueis
hen was AIDS discovered? 1980s
who invented xrays? wilhelm roentgen
does Hiv cause Aids/ yes, aids is a retro virus aswell
who discovered aids? Luk Montagnier and Robert gallo
what are the 4 blood types? A,AB,B,O
what was the first antibiotic ever/ Penicilin
Created by: kmsuarez10