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A & P 1.

Final exam review

Human Anatomy the study of the physical structure of the body and its organs
Physiology Study of cells, tissue and organs of the body
the types of molecules that make up cell membranes are? protien and fat
Pia matter, dura matter, and arachnoid make up? Meninges
Inferior below the transverse plain line
Cell Building block of life
Tissue Cells of the same type joined together for a common purpose
Examples of organs skin, heart, lungs
Which symptom occur about 1-2 months after an HIV infection? flu symptoms
Dislocation most commonly occurs in the shoulder which is what type of joint synovila
8 fused bones make up the skull
Are neurons that have been destroyed always regenerated? NO
Hemostasis good health
List 3 common causes of dwarfism genetic, endocrine dysfunction, renal insufficiency
Superior above the line
The process of cells being engulfed or eaten phagocytosis
What tissues in the body provide secretion? Epithelial
Nerves outside the brain or spinal cord are called? peripheral nerves
Which lobe is associated with vision? occipital lobe
Lateral Anything away from the midline
Failure of the testicles to mature, breast enlargement, and mental retardation are common signs of _________ syndrome. Klinefelter's Syndrome
Visceral internal organs (abdomen)
Encephalitis causes damage to what type of cells? nerve
Sagittal plane a line dividing the body vertically down the front. it divides into right and left halves.
With more than 60% of all reported cases, this continent is the most affected by HIV? Africa
Cytoplasm Sticky semifluid; contains water, protein, lipids, carbohydrates, minerals and salts
Nucleus mass within a cytoplasm and controls the center of the cell. It also regulates chemical reaction and mitosis
What age rage is MS usually diagnosed? between 20 and 40
Diffusion the process whereby gas, liquid or solid molecules distributes themselves through a medium?
Osmosis process of diffusion of water or solvent through a selected permeable membrane
When can Huntington's disease be detected in the human body? at birth
List the functions of the Skeletal system? support,protection,shape,muscle attatchment,forms cells,stores calcium
This type of tumor is slow growing: Benign
Where does blood cell formation take place? bone marrow
What part of the body contains the most flat bones? skull
The shaft of bone is called: Diaphysis
Transverse plan imaginary horizontal line divides the body into top and bottom halves.
Ossification bone tissue formation.
Lymph is made up of what 3 components? lymph, lympphatic vessel,lymphocytes, lympoid tissue
Superficial External, located close to or on the body surface
Pons, Medulla and Mid-Brain make up? Brainstem
the medulla controls which functions? adjoins the spinal cord, influences the heart and lungs
The cerebellum controls which functions? found beneath the cerebrum, responsible for smooth muscle movement, muscle tone, and coordination.
Cranial and Spinal nerves make up the: Central Nervous System
Pericardium outer wall of the heart is surrounded by a sac
Wavelike contractions and relaxations that move food through the digestive system: peristalsis
Where in the heart is the Pulmonary Semilunar valve located? right ventricle
Microscopic arteries are know as: arterios
Muscles that support most of the body's weight and allows us to stand erect gluteus maximus
Symptoms of osteoarthritis: joint pain, stiffness, aching, fluid around joint
The speed of nerve impulses is _______mph 200
Compression of the medial nerve at the wrist causes? carpal tunnel syndrome
In what direction do veins carry blood? away from the heart
Complete or incomplete tear in the supporting ligaments of a joint? sprain
The hamstring group includes: semitendnosus, semimembranous, biecps, femoris
List the joint/body part that is least likely to dislocate toe
In the muscles,_________________ changes to glucose for their source of energy glycogen
What extensor muscle straightens the elbow? tricep
This system rids the body of waste: digestive
The prostate gland is only found in which gender? Male
the bones of the head, vertebral column, ribs and sternum make up: axial skeleton
The 3 bones in the inner ear that aid hearing: malleus, incus,stapes
Another name for the tailbone: coccyx
What is the thickest, longest tendon in the human body. Achilles tendon
small bone extension (process) located at the bottom of the sternum xiphiod
A vascular headache, thought to be caused by abnormal function of the brains blood vessels, is aka? mingraine
Which muscles are located beneath the pectoralis major and between the ribs intercostal
Bursae a sac in connective tissue, its around joints
What is the difference between the bones of children and adults flexible
List 2 hinge joints knee and elbow
Flexion skeletal muscles that bend joints
Quadriplegia is a permanent form of paralysis of all limbs
Adolescent and adult Kyphosis affects what part of the body spine
what gender and age group is Sciatica most common in female
Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that allows your doctor to look at the inside of a joint in your body
A stoke on the right side of the brain will affect which side of the body? left
Functions of the skeletal system support,protection,shape,muscle attatchment,forms cells,stores calcium
phalanges finger and toe bones
extension skeletal muscles that straighten out a joint
adduction moving towards the midline of the body
abduction moving away from the body
Dome shaped muscles that aids respiration: diaphragm
Medical term for the Butt muscles: gluetus max
the 2 divisions of the nervous system central nervous system and peripheral nervous system
what is the function of a neuron? a nerve cell that stimulates and impulses
Condition where the hearts contraction are too weak to circulate blood? heart failure
Cell body, Dendrites, and Axons make up what structures found in the brain? cerebellum
Foremost contributing factor to stroke and kidney damage blockage, hypertension
This virus is found about 7 to 10 cervical cancer cases HPV
Poor diet is not a common cause of hypotension
Describe the function of the Helper T cells produce protein called lymphokines that help other lymphocytes and phagocytes perform their functions
This cancer treatment is given to alter cell growth and division chemotherapy
which antibodies are most plentiful? IgG
Impulses travel from one neuron to the next by crossing the: synapse
List some alternative therapies for cancer: shark cartilable, vitamns
Neurotransmitter are endogenous chemicals that transmit signals from a neuron to a target cell across a synapse
What are the initials TNM used to classify, and what does each letter stand for “Tumor,” “Nodes,” and “Metastasis.” STAGES OF CANCER
Periosteum Outermost layer of the bone, made up of fibrous tissue
Where is the Tricuspid valve located? Right atrium and ventricle
What effect does aging have on elastic fibers The number and size of muscle fibers decrease
Common treatments for epicondylitis include (list #3) steroid, heat or cold, Physical therapy, aspirin
The most common form of muscular dystrophy causing about 50% of all cases is genetic, carried by female but only affects males. recognized when child is 1 year of age
these blood vessels have thin one-celled walls capillaries
What happens to lymph nodes during Adenitis become tender and swollen
What is the role of serum globulin in blood plasma antibiodies
what test is used to detect DVT Doppler ultrasonography
Aplastic anemia results from injury or destruction of blood cell formation by the bone marrow
Arrhythmia is an abnormal.... heart beat
list the symptoms of Chronic fatigue syndrome fatigue that last for at least 6 months, headaches, sore throat, low grade fever, pain in joints w/ no swelling, forgetfulness
first seven pairs of ribs cage, attaches to the sternum are knows as: true ribs
where is the diaphragm located thorax cavity and abdominal cavity
HPV is abbreviation for human papilloma virus
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