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Final Review

What member of the healthcare team typically discusses abnormal test results or serious health conditions with pt. and families? Provider (physician)
What method of scheduling is designed to keep a continuous flow of pt.'s coming through the office? stream scheduling
In most employment situations and evaluation of work performance is made on a ______ basis annual
What type of check is paid directly from a checking account via the internet? direct deposit or electronic
This type of accounting system automatically updates records as info is entered into the system? computerized
When should pt.'s be given a receipt? any means of payment
When a professional discount is given who must authorize it? Physician
When you realize a pt. is going to have a longer than normal wait what should you do? notify pt. and offer to reschedule
Participation in a conversation with another person by repeating words or phrases or by giving appproving or disapproving nods is considered what? Active listening
What does bioethics typically focus on? life and death matters
What are ICD-9 codes descriptive of? present a disease or condition
When must any new, revised, and deleted codes be implemented by every year? January 1st
What is informed consent? pt. nows the procedure, risk and outcome
When looking at the MICR numbers on a check, the second series of numbers identifies what? account #
What is an entry on a day sheet called? Journilizing
What is the correct way to write the numerical amount $10.21 as a written amount? Ten______21/00
When sorting currency how should bills be stack? highest to lowest
What term refers to the values by which an organization conducts its business? Organization ethics
What is the single most admired characteristic in a leader according to studies? Honesty
What is the process of creating a genetically identical copy of a human called? cloning
When a pt. calls with a medical question what should the MA do? document the pt.'s info and relay it clearly to the physician for review
Why is documenting pt. education important? prevent legal liability
When documenting a telephone call why is it important to include your name or initials? so the provider knows who took the call
When using a paper scheduling system, and a pt. calls at the last minute to cancel an appointment what should the MA do to the original entery? draw a single line thru the entry and then make a note on the pt.'s chart
In a manage care, the insurance typically requires pt. to obtain what if they need to see a specialist? referal
Who marks the services on an encounter form? Provider (physician)
What will happen if a third party payer is reviewing medical records and a procedure was never documented? it did not happen
What is the name of the form filled out by providers that list procedures performed in the office? Encounter form
When cash is received in the office and can't be depositied where should it be stored? safe/safe place, likely with petty cash until it can be deposited
If a mistake is made when writing a check what must be written on it and who should it be saved for? VOID, save for the practice auditors
What phrase must be included on a check to make it negotible? PAY TO THE ORDER OF
This type of endorsement states "PAY TO THE ORDER OF" on a check? special endorsement
What is a pt. ledger card? a record or all charges or services rendered, plus payments, adjustments, ect....
When scheduling a hospital admission for a pt. what needs to be included authorization #, name, DOB, insurance info, reason for admission
When should a charge slip be prepared and attached to a pt.'s chart When the pt. arrives
Once you isolate the main term from the providers statement where should it be looked up? Index
What is autonomy? independence or freedom of an individual's will; a right to choose
A person who works with pt.'s who have hearing and balance disorders audiologist
A person that assists pt.'s in regulating their diet dietician
This person creates images of structures within the body using sound waves instead of x-rays sonographer
This person assists the surgeon and surgical team before, during and after a procedure surgical technologist
This person administers emergency care to victims with an acute illness or injury EMT
This person evaluates, treats and diagnoses movement disorders in pt.'s with musculoskeletal injuries and illness Physical therapist
This person creates a billing statement listing all charges a pt. has incurred for services rendered and sends the bill to the pt., insurance company or attorney Medical Biller
This peron uses an alphanumeric coding system for diagnoses and procedures in a manner that results in the max reimbursemnt for the provider and fewer fees billed to the pt. Medical coder
Created by: bpstears