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Med. Discoveries

Important people in the Medical Field and their contributions.

Clara Barton The founder of the American Red Cross.
Florence Nightingale Known as the founder of modern nursing
Jonas Salk Created the polio vaccine
Hippocrates The "Father of Medicine"; organized the method of observing the human body
Ignaz Semmelweis Discovered that child-birth fever and other diseases were caused by doctors not washing their hands
William Harvey Knew that blood flew in our bodies and correctly explained it
James Lind Discovered that sailors got Scurvy due to lack of Vitamin C
Joseph Lister Started to use disinfectants during surgeries to control the amount of bacteria
Edward Jenner Discovered the smallpox vaccine
Alexander Fleming Discovered penicillin
The Romans Began public health and sanitation systems
Wilhelm Roentgen Discovered X-rays
Louis Pasteur Discovered that the heating of germs killed them; Came up with the germ theory; Credited with finding a vaccine for rabies
Benjamin Franklin Invented the bifocal glasses
Leonardo da Vinci Dissected human bodies in order to study the anatomy and draw it
Dorthea Dix The crusader for Mental Health
The Chinese Used acupuncture for the relieving of pain and congestion
Gerhard Domagk Discovered the Sulfa drugs
Elizabeth Blackwell Was the first female physician in the U.S.
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Was the first female physician in Great Britain.
Anton von Leeuwenhoek Created the microscope; believed that there were organisms smaller
Rene Laennec Invented the stethoscope; Studied Tuberculosis
Sigmund Freud Changed our ideas on how the human mind functions
Robert Koch Developed the culture plate method in order to identify harmful pathogens
Paul Enrlich Contributed to the cure of chemotherapy
Joseph Priestly Was able to isolate oxygen
Rhazes Began the use of animal gut for suture material
Gabriel Fahrenheit Created the first mercury thermometer
Egyptians Are the earliest people known to maintain accurate health records
Marie Curie Discovered polonium and radium
Gregory Mendel Established the patterns of heredity
Bartolommeo Eustachios Discovered the human ear's Eustachian tube
James Watson and Francis Crick Discovered the basic building blocks of life; Discovered DNA
Andreas Vesalius Dissected a human body; wrote a book containing the first accurate description of the human body and its anatomy
Joseph Murray Performed first successful kidney transplant
Karl Lansteiner Discovered that a person can survive a blood transfusion if the donor had the same blood type; Made 4 blood type groups: A, B, O, and AB
Luk Montagnier and Robert Gallo Discovered that HIV causes AIDS
Created by: Nati512