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Roman Achievements S

This is a review for the summative on ancient Roman Achievements.

How was cement made and what is it used for today? Invented cement by mixing volcanic ash and rock with lime. Cement allowed many Roman buildings to still stand today.
Explain the Roman engineering achievements. Buildings included arches and domes and columns from the Greeks. Many buildings today are still built in the Roman style using arches and domes.
Talk about the Roman Roads. Built roads in layers & made arched bridges (some still around today). Roads allowed army to quickly move throughout Empire. Christianity spread throughout Empire using these roads and eventually made its way to Asia and into China along the Silk Road.
Talk about the aqueducts. Used the arch to build their aqueducts to bring fresh water from the mountains into Rome.
Talk about the Romance Languages. Latin developed into today’s languages of Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian. They are called Romance languages. Romance languages are similar because they all developed from Latin.
Talk about the stadiums Created the first stadiums to host events (gladiator games and chariot races).
Talk about Roman achievement in law codes. Created civil law (law system based on written laws).
Created by: wojo1177