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Roman Government Sum

This is a review for the summative on ancient Roman government.

What is a republic? Who was in the Roman Republic government? Type of government where people elect leaders to govern them. Elected officials came from a small group of wealthy and powerful Romans. Early on, the Romans elected people to rule the city for only one year so they would not get too much power.
What happened in times of war in the Roman Republic? During times of war, the Romans chose a dictator to rule them. Dictators could only stay in power for a maximum of six months.
What is civic duty and why is it important? Civic duty is a responsibility to participate in the government. It keeps governments strong and stable by allowing citizens to select leaders and sometimes vote on laws.
What are the three parts to Rome's republic? (We have three parts to our government called the executive, legislative and judicial branches.) magistrates, assemblies and tribunes, senate
Tell me about the magistrates. Elected officials with the two most powerful called consuls. Consuls(like our president) elected each year, ran the city and led army. Had 2 so one could not have all the power. All other magistrates elected for 1 year and did various jobs like judges
Tell me about the senate. Council of wealthy and powerful Romans who advised the consuls. Held office for life Today, senators serve six year terms. Eventually became the most powerful branch
Tell me about the assemblies and tribunes. Protected rights of common people(plebeians) Assemblies main job: elect magistrates who ran city. Tribunes had the ability to veto (reject) laws of other government officials Tribunes were elected by plebeians and were in office only one year.
What are checks and balances and why are they important? Checks and balances is the separation of power in the government. It is a method of stopping one branch of government or person from getting all the power.
What did Rome's written constitution do? Rome had a written constitution to protect people’s rights
Tell me about Rome's written laws. Beginning only patricians knew laws. Then plebeians forced patricians to write laws down so they would not get in trouble for laws they did not know. Laws written down on 12 bronze tablets(called Twelve Tables)and placed in Roman forum (public place).
Created by: wojo1177