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NT - Exam 1

Alexander the Great 356-323 BC. Responsible for the creation of a world in which Christianity could thrive.
Antiochus Epiphanes IV Issued a decree on 25 Chislev 167 BC that prohibited the practice of Jewish religion.
Bar Kokhba Leader of the second Jewish revolt which resulted in the jews being exiled.
Herod the Great Governor of Palestine during the time of Jesus' birth. Responsible for decree ordering the death of male Jewish toddlers.
Judas Maccabeus Son of Mattathias. Wins back the temple from the Romans on 25 Chislev 164 BC. This is the event that Hanukah celebrates.
Mattathias Started the Maccabean revolt by refusing to sacrifice to idols and killing a Roman and a Jew that attempted to.
Octavian/Augustus Roman emperor in power at the birth of Jesus.
Pompey The general in charge when the Romans took Palestine in 63 BC (he put the Jews under Roman rule).
Pontius Pilate Roman prefect who sentenced Jesus.
Titus Destroyed the Temple at the end of the first Jewish revolt.
Vespasian Roman general (and later emperor) assigned to suppress the first Jewish revolt
Diadochi Successors. The generals that fought for control after Alexander the Great's death.
Hasmoneans The maccabean dynasty.
Hellenism All things Greek. (language, culture, writings, etc.)
Intertestamental period Period of time between the writing of the two testaments. (~400 BC – Birth of Jesus)
Maccabees A family (the Hasmonean dynasty) that led revolts against the Seleucids after Antiochus' decree prohibiting Jewish religious practice.
Pax Romana The "Roman Peace". Enabled the easy spread of christianity.
Ptolemies Egyptian/Roman dynasty that ruled Palestine 320-198 BC
Second Temple Period The time period during which the second temple stood. Approximately 515-75 BC.
Provide an overview of the historical background - from the Persians to the second Jewish revolt. Palestine under Persian rule (538-332 BC). Palestine under Greek rule (332-167 BC). Palestine under Roman rule (63 BC – End of NT period). First revolt (66-70 AD). Second revolt (Bar Cochba) (132-135 AD)
Describe Palestine under persian rule. Persians defeated the Babylonians. Cyrus the Great issues a decree in 538 BC that allows the Jews to return home and rebuild the temple (completed in 515 BC).
Describe Palestine under Greek rule (Alexander). Alexander the great ushered in the age of Hellenism. Meant an increased number of Greeks abroad, one world economy, one world language. Society centered around cities instead of countryside. All of this made the spread of the gospel significantly easier.
Describe Palestine under Greek rule (Ptolemies/Seleucids) The Ptolemies were a Egyptian dynasty that ruled in Palestine after Alexander. The Seleucids were Syrians that ruled palestine after the Ptolemies. Antiochus Epiphanes IV was a Seleucid that issued the decree prohibiting Jewish religion practice.
Describe the Maccabean revolt. Mattathias started the revolt by killing a Roman - idols in the temple. Judas Maccabeus wins back the temple (Hanukkah). Jonathan wins back the priesthood. Simon wins back full autonomy. This leads to the Hasmonean dynasty - opens the way for Romans.
Describe Palestine under the Romans. 63 BC - end of NT.
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