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Stack #1322411

Quiz 2

abscess skin infection that forms a pocket under the skin (boil)
actinic keratitis pre skin cancer caused by sun damage
adipose collection of fat cells
albnism complete loss of color to the skin
alopecia abnormal hair loss
bullae large, fluid filled blister on the skin
clubbing abnormal shaped nail due to chronic hypoxia
collagen means "glue" found in skin, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments
ecchymosis term for bruising of the skin
hemangioma tumor consisting of dilated blood vessels (birth mark)
hyphema active bleeding in the anterior chamber of the eye
jaundice yellow color of the skin and eyes due to liver damage or blocked of biliary tree
keloid abnormal, hard, raised scar
keratin fibrous, water-repellent protein; found in hair and nails
lentigines term for freckles and flat brown spots on the skin
lunula white, moon shaped area at the base of the nail
macrophage white blood cells that performs phagocytosis
melanocytes gives skin its color and protects against UV light
melanoma dark colored skin cancer that is deep
melasma hyperpigmentation to the skin causing brown discoloration of the skin
nevi term for common moles
paronychia infected, ingrown nail
petechiae red, pinpoint dots on the skin due to ruptured blood vessels
purulent refers to a pustular, infected area on the skin
rhinophyma abnormally enlarged nose
seborrheic keratitis raised, crusty, benign skin lesion affecting middle aged persons
sebum oil secreted by sebaceous glands attached to hair follicles
striae stretch marks, damaged to skin and vascularity caused by over stretching
sudoriferous glands sweat glands
tinea corporis fungal infection of the body; ring worm
tinea cruris jock itch
tinea pedis athlete's feet
urticaria referring to "hives"
vitiligo hypopigmentation of the skin
xanthoma elongated, yellowish lesions under and around the eyes, may be associated with high cholesterol
Created by: Frannkie