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Muscle Disorders

Musculoskeletal disorders

Ankylosing Spondylitis Inflammation of the joints between spinal bones which results in the fusion of the bone
Trichinosis round worm infection due to uncooked or raw meat which causes muscle pain, diarrhea, nausea, and joint pains
Necrotizing Fasciits condition that results from a flesh eating bacteria and can be fatal if not treated
epicondylitis may be due to overuse which causes inflammation of muscle and tissue around the elbow
carpal tunnel syndrome painful disorder of the wrist and hand caused by compression of the median nerve due to repetitive motions
lou gehrig's disease it is a degenerative disease of motor neurons which will result in paralysis and death within 2-5 years as it affects respiratory muscles
guillian barre rare disorder in which the immune system attacks the PNS which connects the brain and spinal cord to the rest of the body. muscles have trouble responding to brain. begins with weakness or tingling in legs and moves upward but recover from top down.
osgood schlatter which is when the tendon that connects to the knee gets stretched causing a painful lump. it is usually due to overuse of the quadriceps during growth spurts in puberty
Duchenne's muscular dystrophy an x-linked disease-usually found in boys. symptoms begin around 3-6 years old. muscle protein dystrophin is missing. muscle weakness in legs and eventual paralysis and death result
multiple sclerosis when myelin sheath (the covering of an axon) deteriorates and the axons short circuit causing trouble with walking, speech, and sight. affects more women than men usually between ages 20-40
myasthenia gravis an autoimmune disorder that is the result of not enough ACh which results in fatigue and weakness in voluntary muscles. anitcholinesterase drugs are given so there is less of it so that ACh will initiate depolarization. symptoms are difficult breathing..
diptheria a bacterial infection that is very contagious and is found in unclean crowded spaces. it is transferred by coughing and sneezing.
rheumatoid arthritis a familial autoimmune disease which causes pain in joints. women are affected more than men. wrist, fingers, knees, feet, and ankles are most commonly affected
ewings sarcoma a type of bone cancer which develops from bone marrow. usually found in long bones and most generally metastasizes to the lungs
fibromyalgia unexplained long-term body wide muscle pain which may be due to an increased neurotransmitter release. it is linked to fatigue, sleep problems, headache, depression and anxiety
osteomalacia results in softening of the bones due to Vitamin D and calcium deficiencies
acromegaly over production of growth hormone after the epiphyseal growth plates have closed usually caused by a tumor of the pituitary gland
osteosarcoma malignant tumor of the bone usually seen during rapid growth in adolescence
osteoarthritis overuse of joints in which cartilage breaks down
botulism form of food poisoning in which food toxins block the release of ACh. usually occurs 8-36 hours after consuming contaminated food.
gout a type of arthritis which results from increased uric acid which cause crystals to form in joints causing extreme pain
hernia results in a sac being formed from the lining of the abdominal wall which protrudes through a hole or weak area in the fascia (covering that surrounds the muscle)
Bursitis inflammation of theh sac that is found at various joints which causes severe pain
paget's disease characterized by excessive bone destruction and unorganized bone repair which means there is improper remodeling
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