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Greek Ach. summative

This is a review for the summative on ancient Greek Achievements.

What did Greeks want everything to look like? Explain their drama (plays) achievements. Wanted everything to look perfect (statues, paintings, columns in buildings) First to create dramas including comedies & tragedies. Most made to honor gods/heroes. Many movies today are written as dramas/comedies.
Explain Greek history achievements. First to write about history from neutral point of view. Reporters today report on stories from a neutral point of view to eliminate bias.
What did Greek philosophers try to do? Had philosophers who wanted to use the power of the human mind to think, learn, and describe events in the world that could not be explained
Talk about Socrates and Plato. Socrates asked people questions to try and get people to question their own beliefs... called the Socratic Method. Plato wrote book on ideal society based on justice and fairness called "The Republic."
Talk about Aristotle. Aristotle thought people should use reason to run their lives and used logic to figure out new facts.
Talk about the astrolabe. Created the astrolabe: used for navigation by finding the height of the sun and other stars. The Muslims in the Middle Ages made it better and sailors used astrolabes to explore throughout the Middle Ages.
Talk about the pulley block. pulley block: simple machine of a wheel with a groove in which a rope can run to change direction or point of application of a force. Pulley blocks help lift heavy objects with less force and Used today on construction sites and in transportation.
Talk about the screw. first made of wood, one version brought water from river to a higher level (Archimedes screw). Archimedes: an inventor, mathematician, engineer, scientist. Screws keep lids on food/liquids to keep them from spilling…keep wood and metal objects together.
Talk about the Olympics. Were to honor the Gods. Olympic games took place in the city-state of Olympia, near Mt. Olympus.
Talk about Euclid and his accomplishments. Euclid made many of the rules in Geometry that are used today.
Talk about Hippocrates and his accomplishments. Hippocrates created the Hippocratic Oath on how doctors should behave. It said doctors should treat all patients and behave fairly with good morals.
Created by: wojo1177