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Chapters 11, 12, 13

albumin/o- albumin
calcul/o- stone
calic/o- calix
cali/o- calix
catheter/o- catheter
cyst/o- bladder; fluid filled sac; semisolid cyst
enur/o- to urinate
excret/o- removing from the body
glomerul/o- glomerulus
glycos/o- glucose (sugar)
hemat/o- blood
keton/o- ketones
lith/o- stone
micturi/o- making urine
nephr/o- kidney; nephron
olig/o- scanty; few
pyel/o- renal pelvis
py/o- pus
ren/o- kidney
ureter/o- ureter
urethr/o- urethra
ur/o- urine; urinary system
vesic/o- bladder; fluid filled sac
adolesc/o- the beginning of being an adult
andr/o- male
balan/o- glans penis
cis/o- to cut
coit/o- sexual intercourse
crypt/o- hidden
didym/o- testes (twin structures)
ejaculat/o- to expel suddenly
erect/o- to stand up
fer/o- to bear
fertil/o- able to conceive a child
genit/o- genitalia
gon/o- seed; ovum or spermatozoon
inguin/o- groin
morph/o- shape
orchi/o- testis
orch/o- testis
pareun/o- sexual intercourse
pen/o- penis
perine/o- perineum
product/o- produce
prostat/o- prostate gland
puber/o- growing up
scrot/o- a bag; scrotum
semin/i- spermatozoon; sperm
semin/o- spermatozoon; sperm
spermat/o- spermatozoon; sperm
sperm/o- spermatozoon; sperm
testicul/o- testis; testicle
tub/o- tube
urethr/o- urethra
urin/o- urine; urinary system
vas/o- blood vessel; vas deferens
venere/o- suxual intercourse
abort/o- stop prematurely
adnex/o- accessory connecting parts
amni/o- amnion (fetal membrane)
cephal/o- head
cervic/o- neck; cervix
chorion/o- chorion (fetal membrane)
colp/o- vagina
concept/o- to conceive or form
eclamps/o- a seizure
embryon/o- embryo; immature form
episi/o- vulva
estr/a- female
estr/o- female
fallopi/o- uterine (fallopian) tube
fet/o- fetus
galact/o- milk
genit/o- genitalia
gestat/o- from conception to birth
gonad/o- gonads (ovaries and testes)
gon/o- seed (ovum or spermatozoon)
gynec/o- female; a woman
hyster/o- uterus (womb)
insemin/o- plant a seed
labi/o- lip; labium
lact/i- milk
lact/o- milk
lei/o- smooth
mamm/a- breast
mamm/o- breast
mast/o- breast; mastoid process
men/o- month
menstru/o- monthly discharge of blood
metri/o- uterus (womb)
metr/o- uterus (womb)
nat/o- birth
null/i- none
obstetr/o- pregnancy and childbirth
o/o- ovum (egg)
oophor/o- ovary
ovari/o- ovary
ov/i- ovum (egg)
ov/o- ovum (egg)
ovul/o- ovum (egg)
pareun/o- sexual intercourse
par/o- birth
parturit/o- to be in labor
placent/o- placenta
pregn/o- being with child
prim/i- first
salping/o- uterine (fallopian) tube
toc/o- labor and childbirth
uter/o- uterus (womb)
vagin/o- vagina
vulv/o- vulva
Created by: breannalwhite