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Drugs endings

End of drugs names identifies classification

PO by mouth
HA Headache
Hx History
Tx Treatment
GI gastrointestional
WBC white blood cells
RBC red blood cells
OTC over the counter
UTI urinary tract infection
N/V nausea and vomiting
AC before meals
HS Hours of sleep, at bed time, (nighttime)
APAP *acetaminophen* Used to treat mild to moderate pain and is a fever reducer (Tylenol)
ASA *Asprin* Relieves mild to moderate pain
Zide *diuretic* Used to decrease hypertension and decrease edema. Increase urine output:can cause electrolyte imbalance. (K+ normal 3.5-5) (pulls water from body cells)(Lasix)
Vir Antiviral (HIV type meds)
Statin *Antihperlipidemic* lowers cholesterol (Atorvastatin=Lipitor)
Sone *Steroids* Antiflammatory,Immunosoppressant given PO,IV,IM,Ihalation,top.casuses water retention,potassium loss, muscle wasting, increased blood pressure and blood sugar. (Prednisone,Cortisone)
Pril *Ace inhibitors* Decrease BP by decreasing perpheral resistance (Captopril,Enalapril,Lisinopril)
Pam Antianxiety agent
oxacin antibiotics
olol *beta blocker* Blocks sympathetic nervous system. Used to decrease BP, pulse, and effect cardiac output.Used to increase cardiac muscle. (Propanolol,Inderal) Dont give p<60,SBP 90 or less
nium neuromuscular blocking agent
micin antibiotic
Lam Antianxiety agent
Ide *Oral hypologlycemics* Stimulates the pancreas to produce more insulin,make cell receptors more sensitive to insulin binding. (Glucotrol,Metformin)
done opiod analgesic
Dine Antiulcer agent
Cillin Antibiotics
Caine *Local anesthetics* Inhalation,IV,top.local,regional(spine and equidural) Usually given by MD/anesthetist
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