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lumb/o lower back
macro large
mega large
melan/o black
metr/o uterus/measure
mon/o one/single
myco fungus
narc/o stupor/sleep
neo new
noct/o night
nulli none
oid resembling
oophor/o ovary
osis abnormal condition
paresis weakness
phag/o to eat/swallow
pharmac/o drug
phasia speech
phobia fear of
physis to grow
plegia paralysis
poikil/o varied/irregular
presby/o old age
psych/o mind
pyel/o renal/pelvis
retro backwards
rrhage to flow/bursting forth
scoli/o crooked/bent
scope instrument for visual exam
scopy visual examination
seps/o infection
spir/o to breathe
supra above/upper
tax/o order/coordination
tetra four
therapy treatment
therm/o heat
toc/o labor/birth
tome instrument to cut
uter/o uterus
Created by: ruthalcala