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ch.22 psych phobias

ch. 22 phobias

Phobiasmedical term
air aerophobia
animals soophobia
bees apiphobia, melissophobia
blood or bleeding hematophobia, hemophobia
books bibliophobia
cats ailurophobia
corpses necrophobia
crossing a bridge gephyrophobia
darkness nyctophobia, scotophobia
death thanatophobia
dogs cynophobia
drugs pharmacophobia
eating phagophobia
enclosed places claustrophobia
hair trichophobia, trichopathophobia
heights acrophobia
insects entomophobia
light photophobia
marriage gamophobia
men androphobia
needles belonephobia
sexual intercourse coitophobia, cypridophobia
sleep hypnophobia
snakes ophidiophobia
spiders arachnophobia
traveling hodophobia
vomiting emetophobia
women gynephobia
worms helminthophobia
writing graphophobia
Created by: funnykitty24