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Nursery 2013

NL 2013

The scientific name of a plant is composed of: Genus and Species
"Alba" is a term that describes a plant as: White
"Triacanthos" describes a plant as: Three Spined
The function of the root system is: Anchorage, conduction and storage
The tap root could be described as: A fleshy food storing organ
When a person is preparing to transplant a plant: Expose the roots to air little as possible
Plants that are root bound in their container should: Coiled roots should be straightened and pruned
The Xylem is responsible for: Transporting water and minerals from the roots upward through the plant
An example of a monocotyledonous plant would be a: Corn
If the cambium layer and vascular bundles are damaged : The plant could die
A plant girdle can be described as: Damage to the plants food supply pipeline
A node is considered to be: An area on a stem where the leaves emerge
Tulips develop each spring from: Bulbs
A plant that developes from a rihzome would be: Cannas
Potatoes are propagated from: Tubers
A "Sucker" develops from: Roots
Spring flowering bulbs are usually planted: During Fall
"Venation" is used to describe a plant's : Leaves
A leaf gives off water into the atmosphere through a process called Transpiration
If transportation exceeds absorption in a plant : The plant will show signs of wilting
In order for transportation to occur: Water pressure should be lower in the top of the plant.
The pistil is the: Female part of the plant
Ferns reproduce from: Spores
The highest priority of the food produced by leaves is too feed: Flowers
A primary element used for plant growth would be: Urea
Overall yellowing of the plant beginning at the bottom of the plant could mean: Nitrogen Deficiency
Dark green leaves with reddish overcast could mean: Phosphorous Deficiency
Shriveled fruit on a plant could mean: Potassium deficiency
Light green leaves with leaf margins turning upward could mean: Calcium deficiency
A 50 lb. bag of 13-13-13 would contain how many pounds of nitrogen? 6.5
A 50 lb. bag of 20-15-10 would contain how many pounds of phosphorus? 7.5
"Osmocote" fertilize depends on what factor to release nutrients: Moisture
Fertilizing in early or late fall: Is a poor practice because it could cause cold damage
Low light intensity causes: A decrease in photosynthesis
Roots dying from over-watering could be caused by: Lack of oxygen
Using water softeners could cause a problem because of : (Na)ions
How many inches of water must be used on a plant with 18" root depth growing in clay? 3 inches
The field capacity for water in loam soil is about: 15-25%
Which side of a building has the coolest growing temperature: North
Most warm season plant seeds need this minimum temperature to germinate: Greater than 49 degrees F
This zone has an average minimum temperatur of 20-25 degrees F 9a
This kind of freezing occurs when plant temperature is lower than surrounding air temperature. Radiation
The optimum temperature for temperate plants is: 77-95 degrees F
To allow outdoor plants to harden off before winter, you should avoid: Fertilizing with nitrogen and pruning in the Fall
Hot weather affects on container plants can me minimized by: Planting in light colored containers
Nurseries' greatest challenges are providing plants that: Grow well in their area
The mud-pie test is used: To determine the moisture content of the soil
The two forces that hold water in the soil are: Adhesion and Cohesion
Autumn color in plants result in changes in the: Photoperiod
Soil is a mixture of minerals, organic matter, and__________? Living organisims
Soils vary in texture, structure, and mineral _____? Composition
Soil texture is classified as _______ ,________, and ___________. Sand, Silt, and Clay
When inspecting shipments of nursery plants,you should examine for pests,insects, disease and _____ Weeds
A soil sample with a pH value of 4.0 is considered to be _____? Acid
A soil sample with a pH value of 7.0 is considered to be___________ Neutral
Two plants that prefer more acidic soil are ______ and __________ Azaleas and Camellias
Soil pH is a factor that controls plant growth
A problem with using miscellaneous organic soil additives include sawdust, leaf mold, straw, rile hulls, pine bark, peat moss and _____________? Animal Manures
Miscellaneous organic soil additives is that straw, fresh sawdust, and rice hulls need added _______ Nitrogen
Sawdust from pressure treated wood contains __________? Toxic residues
When storing plant seeds,refrigerators have fairly good temperatures, but are usually too ___________. Damp
________and___________ are the two most critical requirements for germination. Water and Temperature
Water affects the _________ supply around the seed. Oxygen
Commercial growers scarify or ________, hard seed coats mechanically or with concentrated sulfuric acid. Scratch
Asexual (vegetative) propagation includes : Layering, division, and seperation
Most woody plants are propagated by: Cuttings
Some plants are now being commercially propagated using ________ techniques that involve the production of new plants from tissue culture. micropropagation
When accepting an order and inspecting shipments of plants, which of the following basic steps should be followed? Confirm all orders Determine if the order contains quality materials Examine for pests, insects, disease, and weeds
The employee in charge of watering plants should have : Special training
Container woody ornamentals can be injured when temperature: Drops to 18-24 degrees F.
Sand has a gritty feeling, silt has a slick feeling, and clay has a _______ feeling. Slippery, sticky
Soil structure names include : Sandy Platy Crumbly and blocky
Organic soils are those which have more than _______ organic matter. 30%
Fungi in soils can cause : Rotting and damping off
Soil reaction can be modified by adding certain soil additives and using ____________. Specific fertilizers
_____could equally describe a loam soil or an adobe soil as very hard to work with. Black soil
Untreated bark needs _______ nitrogen added to prevent nitrogen deficiency in plants growing in the material. 1.5 %
Optimum germination temperature varies for _______. All seeds
The temperature of the _______, not the air, is what is important. Soil
__________is the biggest propagation problem. Watering
_________ emergence herbaacides can kill existing weeds and extreme care must be used with these materials when plants are in the immediate area. Post
Pest management also aids in maintaining plant _________. Qulaity
During harsh winters, plants can be jammed together and covered with a single layer of milky ______ plastic. Polythene
When pH drops below 5.5, many nutrients become _____. Unavailable
When planning a solitary tree or shrub in the landscape, dig the hole at least 2 times _____ than the root ball of the plant. Wider
_______ help maintain a uniform soil moisture level. Mulches
Mulch trees and shrubs to a depth of _________. 2-4 inches
Newly planted trees and shrubs should also receive ________ applications of fertilizer during their first growing season. Light
Pruning is done for all reasons except for: The plant looks ugly
When the terminal bud is pruned out and the effect of an auxin decreased, lateral bud will be ____________. Enhanced
_________ are used to remove branches that cannot be reached from the ground. Pole pruners
It is possible to rejuvenate many older shrubs that have overgrown their planting site by pruning them to within ______ of ground level. 18 inches
Upright junipers and arborvitae plants can be maintained at small size with ________annual pruning. Light
Organic soils are those which have more than ________ organic matter. 30%
______favorably affects soil structure by increasing the water holding capacity of sandy soils and the workability of the clay and other heavy soils. Organic matter
Soil ______ is not a factor which controls plant growth, but is a good indicator of what nutrients are soluble in that particular soil. pH
Soil with a pH on 10 is considered to be : Alkaline
Most woody plants are propagated by_______. Cuttings
When studying insects that effect agriculture, we must first learn: How to identify the insects
Biological and chemical controls of harmful insects are closely tied to..... Where, when, and how insects develop
Many chemical insecticides were developed after.. World War 1
There are some beneficial insects that need to be.... Protected and promoted
Insects are classified by.... Binomial nomenclature
Insects are grouped based on similarities and types of development. An example would be: Type of legs, mouthparts, absence or presence of wings.
The names of most insect orders have the ending-PETRA- which means..... The insect possesses wings in the adult stage.
Mouthparts, wings, and type of metamorphosis are characteristics used to..... Identify an insect
_____ names of insects end with -IDEA. an example is Aphidae (Aphids) Family
________names refer to large groups rather than individual species. Common
Insects are in the class Insecta because they possess the following characteristics : Three body regions, three pairs of legs, one pair of antennae and one or two pairs of wings
There are 3 regions of an insect's body. What is not one of them? Wings
Piercing-sucking, lapping and sponging are all examples of...... Mouthparts
This part of an insect's body assist in detecting danger, locating food and communication. Antennae
The most important characteristic for insects is the presence of three __________. Pairs of jointed legs
Insects use this to feel their way, detect danger, locate their food, find their mates, and in some cases to communicate. Antennae
Metamorphosis means a change in ______________. Form
This part of an insect has a great deal of variation and can be used for identification. Wings
A newly emerged insect feeds ravenously but the extent of its growth is restricted by ___________. Rigid Exoskeleton
The process of shedding the outer skin is called ______. Molting
Gradual metamorphosis includes which of the following stages of development? Egg,nymph,adult
Complete metamorphosis includes which of the following stages of development? Egg, Larva, Pupa, Adult
During simple metamorphosis each developmental stage is called ___________. An instar
Of the 80,000+ diseases that attack plants in the U.S., how many attack crops that are of economic importance? 30,000
The vegetative structure of a fungus is made of thread-like material known as: Mycelium
Fungi, bacteria, viruses, and nematodes are four major groups of plant parasitic organisms which cause : Plant diseases.
There are _______ types of plant diseases. Two
Ectoparasites are a group of _________. Nematodes
Bread mold is a _____ and is typical of the vegetative structures produced. Fungus
Kinds of nematodes that feed completely by entering the plant root are called : Endoparasites
Scorch is a ________. Burning of leaf margins as a result of infection or unfavorable environmental conditions.
Witches' Broom is a _____. Broom-like growth or massed proliferation caused by the dense clustering of branches in woody plants.
Bacteria cells may divide every _______. 20-30 minutes
Beneficial fungi are called ________. Sacrophytes
Fungi must commonly reproduce _______. Asexually
Nutrient deficiencies, lack of or excess soil moisture, too low or too high temperatures are all examples of _________ plant diseases. Non-pathogenic
When a parasite or an organism attacks a plant are examples of _______ plant diseases. Pathogenic
A fungus is a multi-cellular organism which has no roots, stems, or leaves and _________. Cannot make its own food
The formation of spores, Sclerotia, and mycelia fragments refer to the process of : Fungi reproduction
Rhizoctonia, a common disease in ornamental plant which causes the damping off of young vegetable plants is spread by _____. Mycelia fragmenta
These structures can remain viable in the soil for several years until a susceptible crop is planted. They form when the mycelium of some fungi become hard. Sclerotia
Fungi that form swimming spores thrive in low, wet areas and cause diseases such as root rot. These types of fungi are known as ___________. Phycomycetes
This is an advanced group of fungi. They produce spores on special structures inside plant tissue. Ascomycetes
An asexual spore on exposed stalks. They resemble a small plant with fruit hanging on it. This spore is usually wind blown. Conidiophores
Inoculation, penetration, infection,incubation,invasion,reproduction,over wintering are stages in the life cycle of a ___________. Fungus
Direct penetration, penetration through stomates or through wounds is necessary in order for ________ to occur. Infection
_____ are spread by blowing rain, insects,humans,and inside seeds. Bacteria
Symptoms of this include mottled or puckered leaves streaks on leaves and at times distorted fruit. Virus
Tobacco, insects and seed are ways in which viruses ________. Spread
A plant injured by this organism usually has a stunted, unthrifty appearance Nematode
Vegetables make ideal hosts for this organism and once the soil is infested, it will always be present. Nematode
This organism has varieties that can cause knots or galls on the roots of a plant. Nematodes
Mulching, cultivation, deep plowing and sanitation are all examples of...... Ways to control diseases
Crop rotation, use of resistant varieties and chemicals are three ways to... Deal with soil organisms
Which of these is not warm-season turfgrass? Crabgrass
Which of these types of turfgrass are not used for winter overseeding in Louisiana. Warm-season turfgrass
Which of these is not a method of vegetatively establishing turfgrass? Seeding
Re-establishment of turfgrass is recommended when what percentage is lost? 50%
Which type of fertilizer has a slow release, but a longer residual and low water solubility? Synthetic organic
What is the maximum amount of the length of the blade that turfgrass should be cut? 1/3
Which of these will not help to minimize thatch problems? Planting
Turfgrass pests can be classified as all but which of the following? Nutrient Leachers
Which of these is not recommended for transplanting trees? Add amendments to backfill soil
Which of these is not a consideration when transplanting a plant? Landscape Design
Which of these is not a typical type of fertilizer application for trees? Mulch application
When removing a live branch, pruning cuts should be made in branch tissue just outside the branch ________ and collar? Ridge
The best time to transplant trees in Louisiana is ______? November-February
Which type of fertilizer should be done at planting, placed 2-6 inches below grade and mixed with backfill? Slow release
The best time of year to transplant palms in Louisiana is __________________? Spring-Summer
During the transplanting operation in a normal landscaping setting, which rule would you NOT abide by? Dig the hole 4 feet wider than needed.
A tree is a ________ woody plant with one or several vertical trunks which grow higher than 12' to 15' ht. Perennial
_________can be applied to either in the planting hole or on the soil surface after planting or transplanting Fertilizer
Pruning is _____ the plant which involves removing the leaves or inflorescences as they become senescent and unsightly. Grooming
The best planting or transplanting time in Louisiana is from late _________ through February even though many tree species are dug at other times of the year. November
____________ is most important after planting. Maintenance
Maintenance is important after planning. ________ during times of dry weather is imperative, especially during the first several years. Irrigation
When transplanting trees, remove wire or twine from around the trunk, and if balled and burlap _____ down from around the ball. 2/3 ,2/4 , or 1/2 None of these
How many inches should slow-release fertilizers be planted below ground? 6 inches
Leaving the guy wire in place too long can cause ______ of the tree stem or trunk. Breakage
Mulch conserves soil moisture and also prevents : Weeds
Plants that are _______ before transplanting will suffer more vigorous ones. Stressed
What encourages development of roots and shoots, promoting overall good health and vitality to plants? Tree Fertilizations
_____ may be cut to within one foot of the trunk. Roots
How should the new emerging leaves be handled when clipping back? Gather and tie in place
The plant should be given a ________ to mat down the mulch and to firm up the soil. Final Soaking
What types of fertilizer are easier and less expensive? Chemical or inorganic
What type of tissue is very important from the heath standpoint of trees. Trunk tissue
_______ are generally evergreen, low growing, and spreading ornamental plants. Ground covers
Ground covers can be used for all purposes but ______________. Protect the soil from walk-through traffic compaction
When deciding the type of ground cover to plant, take into account : The plant's growth habit,The light requirements and the amount of sunlight the location gets, The plants texture and color.
The high cost of installing ground covers is often offset by the eventual savings in: Maintenance
The abbreviation of o.c. is: On center
A one gallon ground cover is planted ______o.c. and 4'' pots are planted o.c. . 1' , 6''
To control weed competition in ground covers during the first few years, use _____. Mulch, Herbicides and Cultivation
Once established, _________ groundcovers may be needed if plants become to ragged, or too tall. Shearing
All but _________ are recommended ground covers for L.A. Dianthus
All but ________ are recommend ground covers for the South. Daylily
Lower growing ground covers would include __________. Ardesia and English Ivy
_________are recommended ground covers for Louisiana? Day lilies, Sedums and Indigo's
Compact herbaceous plants used to add color to a landscape are referred to as _______. Bedding plants
Bedding plants are normally sold in ____. Cell packs, 4-inch pots and 6 inch pots
The greatest visual impact is obtained in the landscape when bedding plants are ______. Massed
Place bedding plants ______ to draw the viewer's eyes. Near doorways, along sidewalks and at the end of a vista
In designing a color bed, place taller plants ______. In the back of the bed.
In designing a color bed,place taller plants ______. In the back of the bed.
In designing a color bed, always place shorter, low growing varieties __________. At the front
When purchasing healthy bedding plants, choose the ones that _________. are just coming into bloom, or budded.
The number of budding plants selected for an area depends on the size of the area and ______. The spacing between plants
Bedding plants preform better when _____ are used to insure good drainage. Raised beds.
Native soils should be ameded with _____ before bed construction. Compost, peatmoss, and builder's sand.
a ______ fertilizer should be added during bed preperation. Complete general and slow release.
Bedding plants should be watered ______. Immediately after planting.
Overhead watering of color beds may lead to all but ______. Drought stress
Mulch is an important component in any bed because it _______. Reduces the number of weeds, prevents soil from splashing up on the leaves and regulates the soil temperature.
Deadhanding is done to _______. Prevent seed formation and encourage plants to produce more flowers.
If bedding plants appear to be stunned, lightly fertilize with a complete fertilizer with a _______ ratio analysis. 3:1:2
When bedding plants become overgrown, they can be sheared back with ______ to promote branching and a bushier plant. Hedge clippers
A(n) _______ plant completes its life cycle in one growing season. Annual
Many of the annuals grown in Louisiana, like begonia and periwinkles, are actually ______. Tender perennials
In Louisiana, cool season annuals are grown from _____. October through May
Annuals that are reccommended to be grown in Louisiana shade gardens include all but _____. Periwinkle
Annuals that are reccommended for growth in bright, sunny spots include all but _____. Lobelia
________ are hardy plants that tolerate cold temperatures. Pansy and Snapdragon
All but _____ are tender plants and best for warmer conditions. Alyssum
_____ are low growing plants that to well along the edges of beds. Ageratum
All but ______ are taller plants, whick do better in the back of beds. Pansy
Use _____ in annual cut flower gardens. Natsturtium, snapdragons and stock
Perennials are plants that live _____ More than two years
The popularity of using perennials in the landscape has ______. Increased
The advantages of using perennials in the landscape include all but_____. They need to be divided as they become weak or overcrowded.
Perennials that bloom in the spring should be divided in the ______. Fall
Perennials that bloom in the summer and fall should be divided in the _______. Spring
Reccomended perennials for planting in Louisiana landscapes include all but ______. Scarlet Sage
Perennial bulbs that are recommended for the Louisiana landscape include all but ______. Moonvine
________plants provide a sizeable portion of garden sales. Bedding
Many landscaping needs can be solved through the use of bedding plants such as: Herbaceous Plants
Their quick growth makes it possible for a new homeowner to have early _____ while waiting for more permanent plants to develop. Color
Beddign plants can also add "______ color" to an established landscape. Instant
The roles of annuals and perennials in the landscape is primarily to provide what? Color
Low growing plants would be used in : Foreground
Raised beds are reccommended since _____, drainage is essential. Water
Light sandy soils should be generously amended with how many inches of organic matter? 3-9
If the plant appears stunted, the foliage is pale and growth slows, lightly fertilize with fertilizer that has ______ ratio analysis? 3:1:2
An annual is what kind of plant? A plant that completes its life in a single growing season.
If tender perennials are not removed at the end of the warm season, and a mild winter occours, what may happen? They will survive and bloom again in the summer.
What is the planting season for bluebonnets? Fall
Which of the following is the botanical name for the perennial bulb Montbretia? Crocosmia pottsii
The role of annuals and perennials in the landscape is primarily to provide ______? Color
Which of the folowing is the botanical name for the perennial bulbs Canna? Canna x generalis
Which of the following is a botanical name for the reccommended perennials firebush? Hamelia patens
What are some characteristics of drought stress? Slight wilting and Drooping lower leaves.
Which type of plant lives longer than two years? Perennials
Define annuals. A plant that runs its complete life cycle in a single growing season
Which of the following is the botanical name for the recommended perennials Mexican mint marigold? Tagetes lucida
Which of the following is the botannical name for the recommended perennials cigar plant? Cuphea micropetala
_________ and drainage are key elements in growing roses. Sunlight
Roses require atleast ____-____ hours of sunlight daily. 8-10
Container roses may be planted at any time of the year although summer is often avoided because of: Heat and Dought stress
A soil test should be made to determine whether soil ____ should be corrected. pH
For roses, the bud union should be about _____ inches abouve the soil line. 2
Generally roses require _____ inch(es) of water per week. 1
Wetting the foliage of roses is to be avoided because it leads to increased__________. Incidence of disease
Roses should begin a ________ program when new growth begins in the spring and continue through late August. Fertilization
Applying too much ____ can burn the roots and possibly kill the plant Fertilizer
Although light, regular feedings are most effective, a _______ application of fertilizer following pruning is often more feasible. Spring and fall.
An ____ retains moisture in the soil , keeps the roots cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, and prevents weed growth. Organic Mulch
What is not an example of organic mulch? Pea gravel
The most common insect attacking rose flowers is/are ________. Thrips
______infested with thrips will not open properly. Buds
______aere probably the most common insect found on roses in Louisiana. Aphids
Which insects can be controlled by applications of a recommended miticide? Spider mite
What are the two most common species of spider mites found on roses? Red and Two-spotted
Which of the following is occasionally a pest of roses in Louisiana? Cucumber Beetle
Which is the most widely distributed fungai disease of roses in Louisiana? Black Spot
The black spot fungus is usually present on _________. The upper surface of the leaf.
Black spot fungus is usually present on : The upper surface of the leaf
Black sopt causes ___ in roses. Premature defoliation
To control black spot, _______ should be applied throughout the growing season. Fungicide
What is not a common fungicide ingredient? Formaldehyde
______ appears on roses in early spring and late summer when nights are relatively cool. Powdery Mildew
___ is a fungal disorder that can be identified by the apperance of rough, circular, bright orange spots on the underside of leaves and on stems. Leaf rust
_____causes infected plants to become stunted. All infected plants must then be disgarded. Crown gall
Most modern rose varities should be pruned in _____ and again in ________. February and August
Which of the following is not a reaso to prune roses? To control insects.
Once rosebushes are established, _____ of blossoms in encouraged. Cutting
Landscape contractors are required by law to obtain a license from the _____________. Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry
The Louisiana Agriculture and Forestry Commission does NOT regulate which of the following professions? Gardener
The Louisiana Agriculture and Forestry Commission regulates which of the following? Nursery stock dealer and cut flower dealer
In order to receive fees from clients in a job regulated by the Louisiana Agriculture and Forestry Commission, one must __________. Hold a valid landscaping license
Those who fail to comply with section 3804 of the Louisiana Horticulture Commission Rules and Regulations are subject to a fine of __________. $250 per violation
__________ applies only to person and property and not connected with a project. Contractor's liability insurance
________is applied to injury, death, and property damage from operations preformed for the contractor by independent subs. Contractors protective liability insurance
_________ covers the contractor if faulty construction causes damage after the project is turned over to the owner. Competed operation insurance
________is a policy where the insurance company assumes owner's risk and covers employees only. Workman's compensation Insurance
More business failures occur due to________than contractor incompetency. Poor record keeping
A_______ is a type of insurance policy that ensures that the contractor will satisfactorily complete the work documented in the contract. Bond
Which of the following is NOT one of the three basic bonds a contractor may be required to purchase? Contract bond
A______ bond assures that the contractor will accept the job if it is offered to him. Bid bond
A__________ bond is the most common type of bond purchased. It protects the owner from default on a job according to the agreement by the landscape contractor. Performance bond
A________ bond assures payment of all labor and material costs directly related to the job Payment or Labor and Materials bond
In most projects involving landscape construction, a client is well advised to employ a _________. Landscape architect
A ________ is responsible for all aspects of the landscape design. Landscape architect
Which of the following is NOT a factor that should be taken into consideration during an on-site visit? Cleanliness
Which of the following is NOT a factor that should be used to determine Material and Labor Costs? Food and travel expenses
________ are the costs that are generally the most difficult to calculate and require experience with actual landscape installation in order to be estimated properly. Direct job expenses
Which of the following is NOT an item typically included in a landscaping contract? Vacation days
The _______- has standardized pre-printed contracts available that may be suitable for landscape contractual use. American Institute of Archiects
Spring flowering bulbs are usually planted in Louisiana: October to December
________are used for branches larger than 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Pruning saws
________are for clipping small-leafed plants to maintain a formal appearance. Hedge Shears
A susceptible host,, a parasitic organism, environmental conditions are 3 factors always present for a ___________ disease. Pathogenic
What is NOT commonly used type of contract? Sum-Plus contract
______ is the most common form of general contract in which the owner agrees to pay a set amount to the contractor for executing the services specified in the contract. Fixed-Price contract
In a ____ contract, the owner pays the contractor for necessary costs incurred in the construction of the project. Cost-Plus contract
It is unwise to participate in ___ because the subcontractor receives the job may well be forced into a choice between doing the job at a loss or resorting to substandard workmanship. Bid Peddling
During inspection for final acceptance, the landscape contractor should have a(n) ______ to be signed by the client. Acceptance Form
It is not a Louisiana law to include a warranty or guarantee for plants installed by the landscape contractor, but is common practice to include a _____ day guarntee 90
When shopping for a subcontract, the contract should preferably be rewarded to the_____. Lowest Bidder
Which of these is not a component of successful pest management? Meet the needs of the home owner
A successful pest management system will: When using pesticides, use a combination of methods to manage pests
Which of these is a non-pesticide method of pest management? Removal of pests from the host
______ control involves the use of naturally occurring enemies of pests. Biological
_____ control is the rotation of crops and using tilling to control pests. Cultural
____- control uses traps screens, barriers and electricity to prevent the spread of pests or reduce infestations. Mechanical
___________is a form of pest control where plant varieties are developed which are immune to certain pests. Host resistance
________ is one of the main attributes of insects and disease problems that is NOT associated with healthy plants. Stress
_____ are generally the fastest way to manage pests. Pesticides
This pesticide is used to control mites, ticks, and spiders. Acaricide
This pesticide is used to control organisms like, Bacillus, Coccus, and Spirillum. Bactericide
This pesticide is used to control organisms such as slugs and snails. Molluscicide
This pesticide is used to control organisms such as caterpillars, bettles and aphids. Insecticide
This pesticide is used to control organisms such asdandelions, crabgrass and clover. Herbicide
This pesticide is used to control organisms such as rats and mice. Rodenticides
What is not a common origin of pesticides? Petroleum based pesticides
Arsenic, copper boron, chlorine and sulfur are all used in making pesticides. What is a synthetic pesticide? Chlorine
These pesticides are made from minerals. Inorganic pesticides
These pesticides interfere with the development of pests and cause sterility. Growth regulators
Which of these is an example of a synthetic organic pesticide? sevin
what is an example of a growth regulator? Extinguish
Botanical pesticides are made from : Plants or plant parts
You are a nursery owner and a customer approaches you about a pest problem in her garden. She wants a pesticide that will be safe, naturally occurring and effective. what would you recommend? sevin, Malathon or maneb? None of these.
Prior to using any pesticide, you should instruct your customers to do what procedure? Read the label of the pesticide and follow all rules and regulations.
Pesticides kill in a variety of ways. What is not a method? Preventing reproduction
This method of poisoning kills pests by simply touching them. Contact poisons
A pesticide that is toxic to some kinds of plants or animals, but not to others is said to be ___? Selective
This method of application of a pesticide will kill plants by being absorbed by the leaves, stems or roots and moving throughout the plant. Translocated
A customer walks into your garden and tells you of an insect problem they're having.They told you they went to a large chain store garden center & purchased a bottle of herbicide to kill the insects but have experienced very poor results. What's the cause The pesticide used was not meant for the intended target
Since all chemicals work in small amounts, care should be used to ________. Treat only the intended target
The ability of pests to resist poisoning is called ____. Pesticide resistance
Climatic factors affect the effectiveness of pesticides.Which of these is not a climatic factor? Soil
Soil texture affects the way pesticides work. Finer textured soils have more surface area to cover and may need ____. Higher application rates
Soil texture affects the way pesticides work.Coarser textured soils have less surface area to cover and may need ______. Lower application rates
Pesticide failure may be attributed to many factors. What is not a factor for pesticide failure? Water clarity
The chemicals in a pesticide that do the work are called ________. Active Ingredients
Which of these is not a liquid formulation of pesticides? Flowables
The term(s) _____ includes all info. provided by the chemical company or other government bodies regarding safe and effective use of the product. Labeling
Signal words on pesticide containers give a clue as to how dangerous the product is to humans. What is NOT a signal word? Toxic
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