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MOA 160

MT Week 3

CMP Civil Money Penalties
OPM Office of Personnel Management
OFR Office of Federal Register
SNIP Strategic National Implementation Process
DRS Designated Record Set
NPPES National Plan and Provider Enumeration System
ASCA Administrative Simplification Compliance Act
EIN Employer Identification Number
dilate expand/open wider
extension straightening of a limb
flexion bending of a limb
reflex involuntary movement
supination turning up
vesic/o bladder
im/potent lacking effectiveness of potent
ir/rational not rational
mammi/form having form of breast
bacteri/cide killing of bacteria
meno/pause stopping of menstruation
para/plegia paralysis of lower limbs
tonsill/ectomy removal of tonsils
ab/duc/tion movement away from the body
pro/na/tion turning down
dorsi/flexion bending up
contra/cture shortening of muscular tissue
ad/duc/tion movement toward the body
gav/age tube feeding
OCR Office of Civil Rights
NPRM Notice of Proposed Rule Making
ALJ Administrative Law Judge
FCA False Claims Act
DRA Deficit Reduction Act
Created by: nyanis