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World Religions

[World Religions: WHII SOL (LHS)] Broome

What are the five major world religions? Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism
Which religions are monotheistic? Judaism, Islam and Christianity
Which religion is polytheistic? Hinduism
Which religion does not focus on a higher being? Buddhism
Who is the founder of Judaism? Abraham
What does monotheism mean? Belief in one God
What does polytheism mean? Belief in many Gods
What is the name of the Jewish moral code and religious law? 10 Commandments
Who were the 10 Commandments given to? Moses
What is the name of the holy book of Judaism? Torah
Who is the founder of Christianity? Jesus Christ (The Messiah)
Who do the Christians believe is the Son of God? Jesus Christ
Who created the true Christian doctrine? Church councils
What is the name of the Christian holy scriptures? New Testament (Bible)
Who is the founder of Islam? Mohammad
What are the "Five Pillars"? Faith, Charity (Alms), Pilgrimage, Prayer, and Fasting
What is the holy scripture of Islam? Koran (Quran)
What are the holy cities of the Islamic faith? 1st Mecca, 2nd Medina
People who practice Islam are called what? Muslims
Where do Muslims make their pilgrimage? Mecca (Saudi Arabia)
How many times a day to Muslims pray? 5
When praying where to Muslims direct their bodies in prayer? Towards Mecca
What is the Islamic holy month of fasting called? Ramadan
Who is the founder of Buddhism? Siddartha Gautama (The Buddha)
What does Buddha mean? The "Enlightened One"
Where did Buddhism begin? India
Who spread Buddhism through his missions? Asoka
How does a person reach enlightenment? By following the Eightfold Path
What are the Four Noble truths based around? Life is Suffering
Who founded Hinduism? No founder!
What is reincarnation? Cycle of rebirth
What is karma? Your actions NOW affect what happens to you in your LATER LIVES
What is the Caste System? A social pyramid to which a Hindu is born into
Created by: TeacherBroome