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[Reniassance: WHII SOL (LHS)] Broome

What does Reniassance mean? Rebirth
The Reniassance renewed interests in what kind of ideas/knowledge? Classical knowledge from Greece and Rome
What does the Reniassance mark the beginning of? Modern Times
Where did the Reniassance begin? Italy
What is Humanism? Intellectual thought which focused on secular themes such as philosophy, history and education
What does Secular mean? Worldly (NOT religious)
What did the Reniassance people think about Individualism? Each person has their own worth and dignity and it was important to be well-rounded
What is a "Renissance Man" or "Universal Man"? A person who is well-rounded?
Who is a good example of a Renissance Man during this period? Leonardo da Vinci- painter, sculptor and inventor
What did Reniassance art look like? It was both secular and religious (Medieval was always religious)
Who painted the "Mona Lisa"? Leonardo da Vinci
Who painted "The Last Supper"? Leonardo da Vinci
Who sculpted "David"? Michelangelo
Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? Michelangelo
Who wrote the book "The Praise of Folly"? Erasmus
What did "The Praise of Folly" attack? The wealth of the Renaissance Popes
Which writer is the best example of a Humanist? Erasmus
Who was William Shakespeare? English writer of plays, sonnets and essay
What is a sonnet? A short, 14-line poem
Who wrote "The Prince"? Machiavelli
What was the purpose of "The Prince"? To instruct rulers that they should everthing possible to gain and keep political power
Created by: TeacherBroome