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stuttering 1a

days 1 and 2

What makes up the iceberg of stuttering core features secondary features attitudes and feelings
what are the core features of stuttering (3) repetitions prolongations blockages
what are the secondary features of stuttering (2) escape avoidence
what makes up the attitudes and feelings under the iceberg fear guilt shame denial
what are some things that facilitate fluency talking slowly singing
what should the goal of treatment be? to help a persona say what they want,to whom they want when they want to say it.
what are some events we call a stutter part word repetitions prolongations (both audible and inaudible)
what are some events we would call disfluencies? whole word repetitions phrase repetitions revisions interjections
what is a Stutter? this is a complex disorder that includes speech, physiological, emotional factors, lasting over time.
what does Stutter include? (3) the whole iceberg: core behaviors secondary behaviors feelings and attitudes
what are some dimensions of normal fluency rate continuity tension effort
what is rate appropriate speech timing
what is continuity smooth connections
what is tension effort appropriate force
what are some features of disfluency (3) interruptions that occur in ongoing speech disfluencies occur in everybody's speech, not just pws all speech disruptions are considered disfluency's
what are the 6 major mulitdimensional aspects of a stuttering disorder? 1. overt speech events 2. physical concomitants head nods, blinks, grimacing 3. physiological inner body experience) 4. affective features (emotions and attitudes) 5. cognitive (what do think about talking. 6. social dynamics, social participation
what is an example of part word repetition? bu-bu-bu
what is an example of a single syllable word repetition? and-and-and
what is an example of disrhythmic phonation? (prolongation) Mo-------mmy
Created by: boone.reavis