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What is a map? 2D model of Earth's surface, or portion of it.
What is a place? specific point on Earth distinguished by [articular character
What is a region? area of Earth distinguished by a distinctive combo of cultural and physical features
What is a scale? relationship between map's distances and actual distances on Earth
What is space? the physical gap between two objects
What are connections? relationships among people and objects across a barrier of space
What does TODALSIG stand for? title orientation date author legend scale index grid
What do thematic maps show? phenomenon; displays more than one variable
What do physical maps show? land features
What do choropleth maps show? variables w/ color
What did Marvin Mikesell define geography as? the "why of where" Why and how things come together in certain places to produce certain outcomes
How much of the world is seriously malnourished? 1/6
What is globalization? set of processes that are increasing interactions, deepening relationships, and heightening interdependence without regard to country borders
What scales do globalization occur on? all
Dr. Snow was able to correlate deaths with what? Water pumps
What are the five themes of geography? location, interactions, region, place, and movement
What is the art and science of map-making? cartogrpahy
What does GPS stand for? global positioning system
What does GIS stand for? Geographic Info system
What is hearth? area where traits develop and diffuse from
What is an example of contagious diffusion? disease
What is an example of hierarchial diffusion? fashion
How do people diffuse when moving? relocation
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