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Chapter 17a

Vocabulary Vargo

The Austrian Noble family that ruled Holy Roman Empire and Netherlands during the 1500's who carried out constant warfare against of France and Ottoman Empire. Hapsburgs
King of France from 1610-1643. Became king at age 9 when his father was assassinated. He worked closely with Cardinal Richelieu. Louis XIII
A royal ruler with complete authority over the government and the lives of the people. Absolute Monarch
Hapsburg Emperor of Austria, Netherlands and Spain who retired to a monastery after years of fighting against protestants, France and the Ottoman Empire. Charles V
A devout Catholic, He is also known for organizing a huge naval expedition against Protestant England in 1588, known usually as the Spanish Armada which was unsuccessful due to storms and grave logistical problems. Philip II
Ruler of the Ottoman Empire's military, political and economic power. He personally led Ottoman armies in conquering the Christians. Sulieman
Issued on 13 April 1598 granted the Calvinist Protestants of France (also known as Huguenots) substantial rights in a nation still considered essentially Catholic. Edict of Nantes
In 1589 this Bourbon prince and Huguenot leader of Navarre issued the Edict of Nantes. Henry IV
The Cardinal was often known by the title of the King's "Chief Minister" or "First Minister". Richelieu
Known as the "Sun King" . Became king of France in 1643 when he was just 4 years old. His mother served as regent and appointed Mazarin as his chief minister. Louis XIV
is a royal ch√Ęteau in the region of France. This is where the finest halls and solons displayed the finest paintings and statues. Versailles
Was an Italian Catholic cardinal, diplomat, and politician, who served as the chief minister of France from 1642 until his death in 1661. Marzarin
A French politician who served as the Minister of Finances of France from 1665 to 1683. He achieved a reputation for his work of improving the state of French manufacturing and bringing the economy back from the brink of bankruptcy. Jean Baptiste Colbert
Series of treaties signed between May and Oct. of 1648 in Osnabruck and munster. These treaties ended the 30 years war ( 1618-1648) in the Holy Roman Empire and the 80 years war (1568-1648) between Spain and Dutch Republic. Peace of Wesphalia
Series of wars fought mainly in central Europe from 1618-1648 involving most countries of Europe this was a long and destructive war Thirty Years War
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