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hormones are known as____which act on other cells throughout the body chemical messengers
endocrine glands secrete chemicals directly into the blood system
exocrine glands secrete chemicals directly into organ or exterior of the body
comparing the hormones of the endocrine system with the electrical stimulus of the nervous system, which has a faster response? nervous system
the inner portion of the adrenal glands is known as the medulla
the outer portion of the adrenal glands is known as the cortex
the initial sympathetic nervous system stress response is known as fight or flight
the main hormone in the initial stress response is epienphrine and norephrine
the hormones that help our body survive stress is cortosol
hyper secretion refers to increase in hormone secretion
diet and exercise is the first line of treatment in type 2 diabetes
insulin is the first line of treatment in type 1 diabetes
if someone is taking injections? do not massage area for 7 days
symptoms of hypothyroidism increase weight, fatigue, cold, light headness
what is the cause of diabetes mellitus less insulin or insulin resistance
how does stress increase the incidence of diabetes high cortisol = high sugar
growth hormone is also influenced by sleep & caring people
adrenal - mineralcorticols and glucocorticols decrease
epinephrine/norepinephrine decrease
melatonin increase
insulin increase
hypoglycemia blood sugar below 70 mg
diabetic neuropathy abnormal condition of nerve (numbness, tingling, cold)
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