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.chapter 7,8,9

verbal and Nonverbal Communication (notes), comm skills, tele comm

Communication the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information
an art and skill proven to be an asset in the medical field while communiating common courtesy
a sender sends a message to a receiver Essence of communication
Communication between members of the health care team should always be maintained as ______ and ______ at all times professional and respectful
Two main types of boundries when communicating are? physical and emotional
What are the 3 basic ways of Communication Styles? Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic
involves giving attention to persons trying to communicate with you and taking an active inerest in what they are saying. Being in the moment, and paying close attention to what was said active listening
What are the ways to effectively listen? 1)Nodding-so the pt. knows your listening. (2) rephrasing or paraphrasing what the pt. says (3)greeting your pt. warmly and by name (4)listen carefully(5)use open ended questions (6)positive body lanquage(7)smile/eye contact
when having a conversation with a pt. it is important to maintian personal space of 2 feet
docuementation of all pt. interaction should be noted to prevent legal liability
Pt. education should include- -name, date, topic and purpose of the pt education session,-th pt.'s comprehesion and responses to the session,-any written or verbal information given
What are the % stages of coping Denial, Anger, Barganing, Depression, Acceptance (DABDA)
The 5 stages are the best-known descrption of the ______ and ________ responses that many people experience when face with life-threatening or life-changing situation. emotional and psychological
The 5 stages are not meant to be ____ or ____ complete or chronological
Reaction to illness, death and loss are as ____ as the person unique
what is the center of all activity in the medical office? Telephone
A professional attitude conveyed to the caller is what? critical to the success of the office
who many rings should you try to answer the phone? 3 rings
when anwering the phone you should stated what? the name of the practice as well as your own name.
What should you avoid with a caller putting them on hold
if you have a pt. caller on hold how long should you check back with them? 30 seconds
Common types of call in the medical office Appoints/Rerrals, Emergencies/Hospitals, Prescription refills, Test Results
A triaging manual should be kept near what? each phone
Pt.'s that call with medical questions, the MA needs to _____ the pt.'s information and relay it _____ to the _____ for review document, clearly, physician
document information includes pt.'s full name and date of birth, Date and time, Name of physician being called, Clear message that indicates what the caller wants, Medication alleriges, Telephone # to return the call of the pharmacy # if it is a refill, Initial of the MA
When transmitting a prescription refill request it is important to know: Pt. name d/o/b, Name of medication, The doasage info, The number of refills, Medication alergies
When taking a message from a machine or recording device it is important to: Use active listening skills, Check the fax machine and ofice email for additional messages, List all pt.'s who leae messages so you can pull the charts
Scheduling appiontment-appropriate to find out: Pt. name, DOB, Reason for visit, Assess the type of appointment needed, Confirm the last appointment date, Note typeof appointment needed on the schedule
Attorneys that call regarding a pt. MA must: verify that the attorney is authorized by looking in the medical record. the pt. must have signed a form to authorize this
With difficult callers you must document the info about the caller and the treat and end the call then immediately report the incident to the? supervisor or provider
when you get a caller who refuses to give information explain..... that the callers name and telephone # is necessary to take a message
if the caller still refuses to give name, instruct caler to.... write a letter to the physician and to mark it personal
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