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WHA - Unit 1 Review

Review for Unit 1 Test

What is predestination the belief that God knows who will be saved and guides the lives of those destined for salvation
TRUE OR FALSE. The Renaissance spread from northern Europe to Italy. FALSE. The Renaissance actually spread from northern Italy to northern Europe.
TRUE OR FALSE: Martin Luther standing up against the practices of the Catholic Church (corruption, sale of indulgences,etc.) started the Protestant Reformation. TRUE
What was the Index of Forbidden Books? A list of books that the Catholic Church told people not to read.
What did Johannes Gutenberg invent? He invented the printing press which made it easier for more people to access books, because they were printed much faster.
Define the term secular. If something is non-religious.
During the Renaissance people had a renewed interest in what? Art and Science
Before the invention of the printing press, books were copied by_______. hand
Define the term excommunicated? This means to be expelled or kicked out of the church.
The worst inquisition took place in which country? Spain
The _________was the first thing printed on the printing press. Bible
The Jesuits were founded by ___________. Ignatius of Loyola
What was the Edict of Worms? This document declared that Martin Luther was an outlaw when he was excommunicated from the Church.
Who painted the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper? Leonardo da Vinci
Who designed St. Peter's Basilica? Donato Bramante
Who painted the School of Athens? Raphael Sanzio
Who created the Pieta, statue of David, and painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel? Michelangelo Buonarroti
What did Leonardo da Vinci do to improve his painting of the human body? He studied human anatomy
What did Martin Luther do in Germany that caused an uproar and the Protestant Reformation? He posted his 95 Theses (arguments) to the cathedral door. These spoke out against the corruption of the Catholic Church and some of their teachings. This also challenged the authority of the Catholic Church.
This writer advocated for the education of children. Desiderius Erasmus
This writer wrote Utopia. Sir Thomas Moore
This writer focused on women's roles in society Christine de Pisan
This writer wrote plays that were for every class of people to enjoy. William Shakespeare
Why did King Henry VIII leave the Roman Catholic Church? He wanted the church to annul his marriage because his wife could not produce an heir. He wanted to remarry to produce a male heir. The pope refused to annul marriage so Henry VIII spoke out against the Roman Catholic Church forming the Church of England
What happened at the Council of Trent? passed reforms addressing corruption of clergy, regulations on priest training, got rid of indulgences.
What changes in religion occurred because of the Counter-Reformation? made changes to address corruption, curb financial abuse of the church, condemn sale of indulgences. New religious orders sprung up like the Jesuits.
These were a series of Christian military missions to regain control of the Holy Lands from the Muslims the Crusades
Name for the Middle Ages plague that spread from rats and infected fleas biting people the Black Death
political organization in which lower nobles pledged loyalty and service to higher nobles in exchange for grants of land feudal system
Who had the most political authority in medieval Europe? the Pope
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