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SC 7-1.1 & 2 14/16mb

EXPLORATION Academic and domain specific vocabulary

exploration to go into or travel over for purposes of discovery or adventure
natural resource something (as a mineral, waterpower source, forest, or kind of animal) that is found in nature and is valuable to humans (as in providing a source of energy, recreation, or scenic beauty
claim to ask for as rightfully belonging to oneself
foothold a position usable as a base for further advance
trade route one of the sea-lanes used by merchant ships, a route followed by traders (as in caravans)
empire a major political unit or peoples under one ruler with total authority; especially : an emperor OR KING
nation the territory of a nation
settlement a place or region newly settled
colonization to settle in a territory
colony a group of people sent out by a state to a new territory
Line of Demarcation This line of demarcation was about halfway between the Cape Verde Islands (already Portuguese) and the islands discovered by Christopher Columbus (claimed for Spain)
Treaty of Tordesillas divided the newly discovered lands outside Europe between Portugal and Spain off the west coast of Africa
conquistador Spanish soldier conquerors of America in the 16th century
Oceania lands of the central & South Pacific: New Zealand, Australia
Technology the use of science in solving problems
Technology to to move forward Advancement
Latitude (aka parallel) distance north or south from the equator measured in degrees
Compass instrument used to navigate to find north
Rudder a flat movable piece (wood or metal) attached to the rear of a ship for steering
Gunpowder Technological advancement used in weapons
Excavate to uncover by digging away covering earth
conquer to get or gain by force of arms
astrolabe an instrument for observing the positions of heavenly bodies that was used before the sextant was invented
cartography the making of maps
cartographer a person who makes maps
caravel a small 15th and 16th century ship with a broad bow, a high stern, and usually three masts
natives (native population) one of a people living in a place before the arrival of foreigners
Tropic of Cancer (the Northern tropic) is the circle of latitude
Tropic of Capricorn ( Southern tropic) is the circle of latitude
Equator an imaginary line on the Earth's surface equidistant from the North Pole and South Pole, dividing the Earth into the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere.
longitude aka meridian an imaginary line on the earth's surface from pole to pole and measure distance and time
hemisphere half of the earth
Oceania area of south Pacific including Australia and New Zealand
circumnavigation circling of the globe
empire a group of territories or nations under a single ruler or government
colonial expansion making an empire more powerful by adding new territories
global expansion exploring unknown regions of the world
conquistador Spanish conquerors in the New World
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