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Medical Terminology


Adeno gland
Calculi stone
Cele tumor/cyst/hernia
Cyto cell
Glyco sweet/sugar
Homeo,homo similar/same/like
Lingua tongue
Lip fat
Lith stone
Madaro falling hair
Psych mind
Pyo pus
Radi rays
Thermic heat
Artho joint
Carpo wrist
Chondro cartilage
Costa rib
Cranio skull
Dactyl fingers
Ili Hip
Manus hand
Myel bone marrow
Myo Muscle
Ortho straighten
Osteo bone
Pedi foot
Spondyl vertebra
Cutis skin
Dent teeth
Derma skin
Hapsia touch
Odont teeth
Onco tumor
Onychia nail beds
Pedicular lice
Pruigo itching
Psora itch
Sarco flesh
Sclero hard
Squama scaly
Tricho hair
Chole bile/gallbladder
Colon large intestine
Emesis vomiting
Entero intestine
Gastro stomach
Glosso tongue
Hepat liver
Ile ileum
Laparo abdomen
Myzo mucus
Procto anus/rectum
Pyloro pylorus/gatekeeper
Stoma opening/mouth
Viscero body organs
Angio vessel
Aortal aorta/main artery
Arterio artery
Cardio heart
Emboli vessel obstruction
Emia blood
hemo,hema blood
Phelb vein*
Thrombo blood clot
Varico varicose veins
Vaso blood vessel
Vena vein
Ventricu heart cavity
Broncho bronchi/airway
Cili Hairlike processes
Ectasis expansion
Laryngo larynx/voicebox
Naso nose
Oro mouth
Oxy oxygen
Pector Breast/chest
Pleura Rib side
Pneumo Lung
Ptysis To spit
Pulmo Lungs
Rhin Nose
Tracheo Trachea/windpipe
Creatinine a waste material in urine
Cysto bladder
glomerulo nephron part
Nephro kidney
Peritoneo lining of abdominal organs
Pyelo pelvis
Reni kidney
Uretero ureter
Urethro urethra
Uri* urine*
Uric pertaining to urine
Urina urine
Uro** urine**
Bulbo bulblike/bulbous gland
Cervi neck/uterus
Galacto* milk*
Genito reproductive system
Hyster uterus
Lactin milk
Mast breast
Metr* uterus*
Natal born
Oophoro ovary
Orchido testicle
Ova/Ovi/Ovo egg
Salping tube/fallopian
Sperma,spermato seed
Vas duct/vessel
Audio sound
Cerebro* brain*
Encephalo brain
Esthesia sensation
Medulla brain middle
Meningo membrane/spinal cord
Neuro nerves
Occiput back of skull
Oculo* eye*
Ophthalmo eye
Oto Ear
Parietes parietel/wall part
Pons bridges
Tempora temporal
a/an without
ab away from
ad toward
algia pain
ante before/wall part
anti against
bi two/double
brady slow
circum around
co/con together
de down or away from
desis binding/fixation of
dia through
dys difficult
ecto outside
ectomy excision
endo within
epi outer/on top of/over
exo away from
extra outside/beyond
ferro iron
fore before
form shape of
graphy writing/record
hemi half
hydra/hydro water
hyper above
hypo below
iasis condition of
iatric medicine
ic pertaining to
intra within
isis/asis condition of
itis inflammation of
juxta near
kinesis movement
kypho humped
logia/logy science of
lysis disintergration
macro large/long
malacia softening
med/medi/medio middle
mega/megaly enlargement
micro small
mono single/one
multi many
neo new
ob against
oid like/shape/resemble
oligo few
ology study of
oma tumor
osis condition
otomy incision
Pachy thick
para near/departure from the norm
path disease
penia deficiency
peri around
pexy fixation/suspension
phobia fear of
phoresis transmission
plasty plastic surgical correction
plegia paralysis/stroke
poly many
post after
pre before
pro in front of/on behalf of
pseudo false
ptosis falling
re back/again
retro backward
rrhaphy suture
rhexis rupture
scopy exam
semi half
sphygmo pulse
sub below
super,supra above
sym,syn together*
tachy swift/fast
tele distance
toxo toxic/poison
trans across
tri three
ultra above*
uni one
xeno foreign
xero dry
Albus white
Chloro green
Chrom color
Cirrhos yellow
Cyano blue
Erythr red
Leuko white*
Melano black
Polio gray
Purpura purple
Rhodo rose
Rubeo red
Xantho yellow*
CMA certified medical asst assist in exams/draws blood/and do office work
CNA certified nursing aide trained to work with nursing home patients sometimes in hospitals
EMT emergancy medical tech provides emergency care away from a hospital setting
LVN,LPN licensed vocational nurse, licensed practical nurse supervised directly by a registered nurse
MD medical doctor may diagnose and prescribe medicines
ME medical examiner pronounce a person dead
MLT medical lab technologist performs lab tests and draws blood
NP nurse practioner assists physicians
OT occupational therapist assists patients in recovering daily activity skills
PA physicians asst assists physicians
PT physical therapist helps patients recover lost motor function due to illness or injury
RN registered nurse performs nursing tasks and adminstration oversees lpns
RRT registered respiratory therapist respiratory care blood gas and ventilator management
a before
aa of each
abd abdominal
a.c. before meals
ADL activity of daily living
ad lib as desired
a.m. morning
amt. amount
AROM active range of motion
AX axillary
BID two times a day
BM bowel movement
BP blood pressure
BRP bathroom privileges
C celsius
^ c with
cal calorie
cath catheter
CBR complete bed rest
cc cubic centimeter
CHF congestive heart failure
cm centimeter
CN charge nurse
CNS central nervous system
c/o complains of
DC discountinue
DON director of nurses
Dr. doctor
DX diagnosis
F fahrenheit
fx fracture
GI gastrointestinal
gtt drop
GU genitourinary
h hour
H2O water
HOB head of bed
HOH hard of hearing
HS hour of sleep
I/O intake and output
IV intravenous
kg kilogram
L liter
lb. pound
LE/LLE/LUE lower extremity
Lt. left
MI myocardial infraction
mm millimeter
noc night
NPO nothing by mouth
N/V nausa and vomiting
O.D. right eye
OOB out of bed
O.S. left eye
O.U. both eyes
oz. ounce
- p after
P pulse
p.c. after meals
PO by mouth
p.m. evening
prn as needed
PROM passive range of motion
pt. patient
qd every day
qh every hour
q2h every 2 hours
qid four times a day
qod every other day
QNS quantity not sufficient
QS quantity sufficient
R* rectal
R respirations
RE/RUE/RLE right extremity
ROM range of motion
Rx prescription
- S without
sig write
SOB shortness of breath
ss half
SSE soap suds enema
staph staphylococcus
stat immediately
strep streptococcus
syr syrup
T temperature
tab tablet
tbsp tablespoon
tid three times a day
TO telephone order
TPR temperature/pulse/respirations
tsp teaspoon
UP universal precautions
URI upper respiratory infection
UTI urinary tract infection
v.o. verbal order
v.s. vital signs
W/C wheelchair
wt weight
CCU coronary care unit
CS central supply
EENT eyes/ear/nose/throat
ER emergency room
GI lab gastrointestinal lab
lab laboratory
MICU medical intensive care unit
NICU neuro/neonatal intensive care unit
OB/GYN obstetrics/gynecology
OR operating room
pedi pediatrics
PT physical therapy
RT respiratory therapy
SICU surgical intensive care unit
ABG arterial blood gas
ACP acute care panal
BUN blood urea nitrogen
C&S culture/sensitivity
CBC complete blood count
chem chemistry
CSF cerebral spinal fluid
CXR chest xray
DPT diphtheria/pertussis/tetanus
FBS fasting blood sugar
HCT hematocrit
Hgb hemoglobin
lytes electrolytes
O&P ova/parasites
O2 oxygen
RBC red blood cells
TB tuberculosis
UA urinalysis
WBC white blood cells
Ca calcium
CI chloride
CRE creatinine
Fe iron
Glu glucose
K+ potassium
Na sodium
NaHCO3 sodium bicarbonate
< less than
> greater than
# pound
@ at
& and
anterior front side
distal farthest point
dorsal backside
high fowlers sitting at a 90 angle
inferior below
lateral side of
medial middle
peripheral on the edge of/outside of
posterior rear/back of
prone lie on the front side facedown
proximal nearest
superior above
supine lie on back
transverse across
ventral to the belly
myalgia muscle+pain
myesthesia muscle+sensation
myocele muscle+protusion
myocete muscle+cell
myocytolysis muscle+cell+destrucion
myocytoma muscle+cell+tumor
moyedema muscle+swelling
myofascial muscle+fascia tissue
myograph muscle+writing
myoid muscle+like
myolipomia muscle+fat+tumor
myology muscle+study of
myoma muscle+tumor
myology muscle+study of
myoma muscle+tumor
myomalacia muscle+softening
myomectomy muscle+tumor+removal
myoneural muscle+nerves
moneuralgia muscle+nerves+pain
myoparesis muscle+paralysis
myopathy muscle+disease
myoplasty muscle+surgical repair
myosalpingitis muscle+fallopian tube+inflammation
osteoarthropathy bone+joint+disease
osteochondritis bone+cartilage+inflammation
osteomyelitis bone+marrow+inflammation
osteopath bone+disease
osteoplasty bone+surgical repair
osteoporosis bone+porous+condition of
osteorraphy bone+suture
osteosclerosis bone+hardening+condition of
osteotome bone+instrument
dermahemia skin+blood
dermatalgia skin+pain
dermatitis skin+inflammation
dermatoallplasty skin+graft+surgical repair
dermatocyst skin+bladder
dermatoid skin+resembles
dermatologist skin+one who studies
dermatolysis skin+dissolution
dermatome skin+instrument
dermatomycosis skin+fungus+condition of
dermatoneurosis skin+nerves+condition of
dermapathy skin+disease
dermatophobia skin+fear
dermatoplasty skin+surgical repair
dermatorragia skin+bleeding
dermatorrhea skin+drainage
dermatorrhexis skin+rupture
epedermitis outer+skin+inflammation
epidermodysplasia outer+skin+bad+molding
hypodermis below+skin
intradermal within+skin
melanoderma black+skin
odontalgia tooth+pain
odontoprisis tooth+sawing
odontoptosis tooth+drop
odontorrhagia tooth+bleeding
odontoscopy tooth+exam
scleroderma hardening+skin
subdermal below+skin
xanthoderma yellow+skin
epigastric outer+stomach
gasterocele stomach+protusion
gastrocolitis stomach+colon+drop
gastroduodenal stomach+duodenum
gastroduodenoscopy stomach+duodenum+exam
gastoenteritis stomach+intestines+inflammation
gastroenterology stomach+intestines+study of
gastroenteropathy stomach+intestines+disease
gastroenteroplasty stomach+intestines+surgical
gastroesophagitis stomach+esophagus+inflammation
gastrohepatic stomach+liver
gastrolithiasis stomach+stone=condition of
gastromalacia stomach+softening
gastromegaly stomach+enlargement
gastromyzxorrhea stomach+mucous+drainage
gastropathy stomach+disease
gastropexy stomach+fixation
gastroplasty stomach+surgical repair
gastopylorectomy stomach+pylorus+excision
gastrorrhagia stomach+bleeding
gastrorrhahpy stomach+suture
gastrorrhexis stomach+bursting
gastroscopy stomach+exam
gastrostomy stomach+opening
gastrotomy stomach+incision
gastrotoxic stomach+poison
nasalgastric nose+stomach
orogastric mouth+stomach
bradycardia slow+heart
cardioangiography heart+vessel+write
cardioarterial heart+artery
cardiocele heart+herniation
cardiogenesis heart+beginning
cardiogram heart+exam
cardiohepatic heart+liver
cardiohepatomegaly heart+liver+large
cardiokinetic heart+movement
cardiologist heart+one who studies
cardiology heart+study of
cardiomalacia heart+softening
cardiomegaly heart+large
cardiomyopathy heart+muscle+disease
cardioplegia heart+paralysis
cardioptosia heart+dropping
cardiopulmonary heart+lungs
cardiorrhaphy heart+suture
cardiorrhexis heart+rupture
cardiotoxic heart+poison
cardiovascular heart+vessels
carditis heart+inflammation
echocardiogram sound+heart+write
electrocardiogram electric+heart+inflammation
endocarditis within+heart+inflammation
endocardium within+heart
epicardium upon+heart
myocardium muscle+heart
pericardum outside+heart
tachycardia fast+heart
bronchoconstriction windpipe+tightening
bronchodilatation windpipe+widening
bronchoedema windpipe+swelling
bronchoesophagoscopy windpipe+esophagus+exam
bronchomycosis windpipe+fungus+condition of
bronchopneumonia windpipe+lung+condition
bronchopulmonary windpipe+lung
bronchoscopy windpipe+exam
bronchospasm windpipe+contraction
bronchostaxis windpipe+bleeding
bronchotracheal windpipe+trachea
pleurocentesis rib side+puncture
pleurodesis rib side+adhesions
pleurodynia rib side+pain
pleurolith rib side+stone
pleurolysis rib side+dissolution
pneumoangiography lung+vessel+write
pneumogram lung+writing
pneumohypoderma air+below+skin
pneumonectomy lung+removal
pneumonitis lung+inflammation
pneumonopathy lung+disease
pnuemonopexy lung+fixation
pneumoradiography lung+xray+write
pneumoscope lung+to examine
pneumothorax air+chest
pneumovirus air+virus
pulmonectomy lung+removal
sinopulmonary sinuses+lung
glycosuria sugar+urine
hematuria blood+urine
nephrocystosis kidney+bladder+condition of
nephrogram kidney+write
nephroid kidney+resemble
nephrolith kidney+stone
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