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Directional Terms and Word Combinations

anterior front side
distal farthest point away from
dorsal backside
high fowlers sitting at a 90 angle
inferior below
lateral side of
medial middle
peripheral on the edge of or outside of
posterior rear or back of
prone lie on the front side facedown
proximal nearest
superior above
supine lie on back
transverse across
ventral to the belly
myo muscle
osteo bone
myalgia muscle pain
myethesia muscle sensation
myocele muscle protrusion (hernia)
myocyte muscle cell
myocytolysis muscle cell destruction
myocytoma muscle cell tumor
myoedema muscle swelling
myofascial muscle fascia tissue
myograph muscle writing (record)
myolipoma muscle fat tumor
myology study of muscle
myoma muscle tumor
myomalacia muscle softening
myomectomy muscle tumor removal
myoneural muscle nerve
myoneuralgia muscle nerve pain
myoparesis muscle paralysis
myopathy muscle disease
myoplasty muscle surgical repair
myosalpingitis muscle fallopian tube inflammation
osteoarthropathy bone joint disease
osteochondritis bone cartilage inflammation
osteomyelitis bone marrow inflammation
osteopath bone disease
osteosclerosis bone harding condition
osteotome bone instrument
derma skin
odont teeth
dermahemia skin blood
dermatalgia skin pain
dermatitis skin inflammation
dermatoalloplasty skin graft surgical repair
dermatocyst skin bladder
dermatoid skin resembles
dermatolgist one who studies skin
dermatolysis skin dissolution
dermatome skin instrument
dermatomycosis skin fungus condition
dermatoneurosis skin nerves condition
dermatopathy skin disease
dermatophobia fear of skin
dermatoplasty skin surgical repair
dermatorrhagia skin bleeding
dermatorrhea skin drainage
dermatorrhexis skin rupture
epidermitis outer skin inflammation
epidermodysplsia outer skin bad molding
hypodermis below skin
intradermal within skin
melanoderma black skin
odontalgia tooth pain
odontoprisis tooth grinding
odontorrhagia tooth bleeding
odontoscopy tooth exam
scleroderma hardening skin
subdermal below skin
xanthoderma yellow skin
gastro stomach
epigastric outer stomach
gastrocele stomach protrusion (hernia)
gastrocolitis stomach colon inflammation
gastrocoloptosis stomach colon drop
gastroduodenal stomach duodenal
gastroduodenoscopy stomach duodenal exam
gastroenteritis stomach intestines inflammation
gastroenterology study of stomach intestines
gastroenteropathy stomach intestines disease
gatroenteroplasty stomach intestines surgical repair
gastroesophagitis stomach esophagus inflammation
gastrohepatic stomach liver
gastrolithiasis stomach stone condition
gastromalacia stomach softening
gastromegaly stomach enlargement
gastromyxorrhea stomach mucous drainage
gastropathy stomach disease
gastropexy stomach fixation
gastroplasty stomach surgical repair
gastropylorectomy stomach pylorus (gatekeeper) excision
gastrorrhagia stomach bleeding
gastrorrhaphy stomach suture
gastrorrhea stomach drainage
gastrorrhexis stomach bursting
gastroscopy stomach exam
gastrostomy stomach incision
gastrotoxic stomach poision
nasalgastric nose stomach
orogastric mouth stomach
cardio heart
bradycardia slow heart
cardioangiography heart vessel write
cardioarterial heart artery
cadiocele heart herniation
cardiogenesis heart beginning
cardiogram heart exam
cardiohepatic heart liver
cardiohepatomegaly heart liver large
cardiokinetic heart movement
cardiologist one who studies heart
cardiology study of the heart
cardiomalacia heart softening
cardiomegaly heart large
cardiomyopathy heart muscle disease
cadioplegia heart paralysis
cardioptosia heart dropping
cardiopumonary heart lung
cardiorrhaphy heart suture
cardiorrhexis heart rupture
cardiotoxic heart poison
cardiovascular heart vessel
carditis heart inflammation
echocardiogram sound heart write(record)
electrocardiogram electric heart write(record)
endocarditis within heart inflammation
endocardium within heart
epicardium upon heart
myocardium muscle heart
pericardium outside heart
tachycardia fast heart
broncho windpipe
pleuro rib side
pneumo air, lung
pulmo lungs
bronchoconstriction windpipe tightening
bronchodilatation windpipe widening
bronchoedema windpipe swelling
bronchoesphagoscopy windpipe esphagus exam
bronchomyscosis windpipe fungus condition
bronchopneumonia windpipe lung condition
bronchopulmonary windpipe lung
bronchoscopy windpipe exam
bronchospasm windpipe contraction (spasm)
bronchostaxis windpipe bleeding
bronchotracheal windpipe trachea
pleurocentesis rib side puncture
pleurodesis rib side adhesions
plurodynia rib side pain
pleurolith rib side stone
pleurolysis rib side dissolution
pneumoangiography lung vessel write(record)
pneumogram lung writing (record)
pneumohypoderma air below skin
pneumonectomy lung removal
pneumonitis lung inflammation
pneumonopathy lung disease
pneumonopexy lung fixation
pneumoradiography lung Xray write(record)
pneumoscope lune to examine
pneumothorax lung chest
pneumovirus air virus
pulmonectomy lung removal
sinopulmonary sinuses lung
nephro kidney
uri urine
glycosuria sugar urine
hematuria blood urine
nephrocystosis kidney bladder(cyst) condition
nephrogram kidney writing(record)
nephroid kidney resemble
nephrolith kidney stone
nephrolithiasis kidney stone condition
nephroma kidney tumor
nephromegaly kidney enlargement
nephropathy kidney disease
nephrosclerosis kidney harding condition
nephrostomy kidney opening
pyelonephritis pelvis kidney inflammation
urinometer urine measure
urinoscopy urine exam
mast breast
oophoro ovary
orchido testes
mastalgia breast pain
matatrophy breast wasting away
mastectomy breast removal
mastitis breast inflammation
mastoid breast resembles
mastopathy breast disease
oophorocystectomy ovary cyst removal
oophoroma ovary tumor
oophorosalpingectomy ovary fallopian tubes removal
oophorrhagia ovary bleeding
orchiectomy testes removal
orchioneuralgia testes nerve pain
orchiopathy testes disease
orchiopexy testes fixation
orchiotomy testes incision
neuro nerves
neuralgia nerves pain
neuralgiform nerves pain resemble
neurectasis nerve extension
neurectomy nerve excision
neurexeresis nerve tearing out
neuritis nerves inflammation
neuroarthropathy nerves joint disease
neurocyte nerves cell
neuroencephalomyelopathy nerves brain spinal disease
neurogastric nerves stomach
neurogenesis nerves beginning
neuroid nerves resembles
neurolinguistics nerves tongue science
neurology study of nerves
neurolysis nerves dissolution
neuromalacia nerves softening
neuromuscular nerves muscle disease
neuroparalysis nerves loss of use
neuropathogenesis nerves disease beginning
neuropathology nerves disease study
neuropathy nerves disease
neuropharmacology nerves drugs study
neuropsychiatry nerves mind practice
neurosarcoclesis nerves flesh closure
neurosis nerves condition
neurosurgeon nerves surgeon
neurotoxic nerves poison
neurotripsy nerves rubbing
neurovascular nerves vessels
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