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RMA Review - Chpt 18


The study of natural drugs is called? Pharmacognosy
The formula that explains the composition of the drug is known as its Chemical name
Drugs with high abuse potential and no accepted medical use are classified in Schedule Schedule I
Which route is involved in administering a drug by placing it under the pt's tongue and leaving it there until it is dissolved Sublingual route
The combined effect of two drugs that is less than the effect of either drug taken alone is called Antagonism
Which part of a prescription contains the patients name, date, and the symbol Rx Superscription
NOT a bacteriostatic antibiotic Penicillin
Main use of rifampin Treatment of tuberculosis, Prevention of meningococci outbreaks (BOTH)
A sedative is a type of Barbiturate
NOT an adrenergic drug Neostigmine
Estrogen is often prescribed to treat Osteoporosis
Cytomel is a type of Thyroid agent
Codeine is an example of what kind of drug Narcotic analgesic
A chemical substance that interferes with the development of bacterial organisms is Antibiotic
Cefazolin is a type of Cephalosporin
A controlled drug inventory must be completed every 2 years
A solution of water, sugar, and a drug is called A syrup
The amount of time required for 50% of a drug to be eliminated from the body is called Half-life
A drug that induces birth defects is known as a Teratogen
In the PDR, the index of brand names and generic names for drugs is found in which section? Pink
Amantadine is classified as Antiviral
A medical assistant might be required to collect information about a patients Alcohol & recreational drug use, Herbal medicines, Allergies (ALL OF THE ABOVE)
Heroin is an example of a drug from which schedule Schedule I
Pentobarbital is a type of Barbiturate
What drug is prescribed for the treatment of manic episodes? Lithium
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