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-ad Meaning: Toward Example: Cephalad - toward the head
-algia Meaning: Pain Example: Cervicalgia - neck pain
-asthenia Meaning: Weakness Example: Myasthenia - muscle weakness
-blast Meaning: Immature, Forming Example: Cytoblast - immature cells
-cele Meaning: Hernia Example: Hydrocele - A collection of serous fluid in a sacculated cavity
-cidal, -cide Meaning: Destroying, killing Example: Cytocide - an agent that is destructive to cells
-clasis Meaning: to break or disrupt Example: Osteoclasos - intentional breaking of the bone
-clast Meaning: Breaking Instrument Example: Cranioclast - an obsolete instrument used for crushing the head of a demised fetus for extraction
-crine Meaning: Secreting Example: Apocrine - glands that secrete hormones
-crit Meaning: Seperate Example: Hematocrit - percentage of volume of blood sample that is composed of cells
-cyte Meaning: Cell Example: Leukocyte - white blood cell
-cytosis Meaning: Condition of cells Example: Leukocytosis - condition of elevated white blood cells
-derma Meaning: Skin Example: Leukoderma - an abscence of pigment in the skin
-desis Meaning: Binding Example: Pleurodesis - a fibrous adhesion between two layers of pleura
-dynia Meaning: Pain Example: Gastrodynia - stomach ache
-ectasia Meaning: Expansion, dilation Example: Angiectasia - dilation of a lymphatic or blood vessel
-ectomy Meaning: Removal of Example: Splenectomy - removal of spleen
-edema Meaning: Swelling Example: Myxedema - hypothyroid characterized by a hard swelling of suncutaneous tissue
-ema Meaning: Condition Example: Emphysema - a condition of the lungs involving enlarged air space in connective tissue
-emesis Meaning: Vomiting Example: Hyperemesis - excessive vomiting
-emia Meaning: Blood Example: Hypokalemia - abnormal low potassium in the blood
-emic Meaning: Relating to blood Example: Hyperemic - denoting increased blood flow to a part or organ
-esthesia Meaning: Sensation Example: Paresthesia - abnormal sensation, such as tingling
-form Meaning: In the shape of Example: Chloroform - used as an inhalant to produce general anesthesia
-gen Meaning: A substance or agent producing, coming to be Example: Oxygen - gaseous element essential to plant and animal life
-genesis Meaning: Production of Example: Osteogenesis - the production of bone
-genic Meaning: Producing Example: Cytogenic - forming or producing of cells
-globin Meaning: Protein Example: Hemoglobin - protein of red blood cell
-globulin Meaning: Protein Example: Gamma-globulin - a protein in the blood, i.e. immunoglobulin
-gram Meaning: A recording Example: Arthrogram - imaging of a joint by contrast material
-graph Meaning: Recording instrument Example: Cardiograph - an instrument for graphically recording movements of the heart
-graphy Meaning: Process of recording Example: Angiography - radiography of blood vessels by contrast agent
-iasis Meaning: Pathological condition or state Example: Cholelithiasis - prescence of stone in the gallbladder
-ic Meaning: Pertaining to Example: Anemic - pertaining to the blood
-ics Meaning: Treatment, practice, body of knowledge Example: Pediatric - a medical practice concerned with the treatment of children
-ism Meaning: Condition, disease, doctrine Example: Hypothyroidism - the condition of having an abnormally low producing thyroid
-itis Meaning: Inflammation Example: Dermatitis - an inflammation of the skin
-kinesia, -kinesis Meaning: Movement Example: Hyperkinesis - excessive muscular movement
-lepsy Meaning: Condition of Example: Epilepsy - condition with having seizures
-leptic Meaning: Having seizures Example: Epileptic - person with epilepsy
-logist Meaning: One who practices Example: Cardiologist - one who practices medicines of the heart
-logy Meaning: Study, practice Example: Pathology - study of diseases
-lysis Meaning: Destruction of Example: Paralysis - loss of power of voluntary movement
-lytic Meaning: Destroying Example: Hemolytic - agent that is destructive to blood cells
-malacia Meaning: Softening Example: Osteomalacia - gradual softening of bone
-mania Meaning: Obsession Example: Pyromania - obsessive thoughts regarding fire
-megaly Meaning: Enlargement Example: Cardiomrgaly - abnormal enlargement of the heart
-meter Meaning: Measuring device Example: Thermometer - used for measuring the temperature
-metry Meaning: Measurement Example: Oximetry - device used to measure oxygen saturation
-oid Meaning: Like, resembling Example: Hemorrhoid - varicose condition of the external hemorrhoidal vein
-oma Meaning: Tumor, neoplasm Example: Giloma - neoplasm of the brain
-opia, -opsia Meaning: Vision Example: Diplopia - double vision
-opsy Meaning: View of Example: Autopsy - Examination of a dead body's organs
-osis Meaning: Condition, state, process Example: Keratosis - any lesion on the skin marked overgrowths from the horny layer
-ostomy Meaning: Opening Example: Tracheostomy - surgical opening in the trachea
-oxia Meaning: Oxygen Example: Hypoxia - abnormally low levels of oxygen prior to anoxia
-para Meaning: Bearing Example: Primipara - woman who has given birth once
-paresis Meaning: Slight paralysis Example: Hemiparesis - weakness effecting one side of the body
-parous Meaning: Producing, bearing Example: Gemmiparous - reproducing by buds
-pathy Meaning: Disease Example: Cardiopathy - any disease of the heart
-penia Meaning: Deficiency Example:Thrombocytopenia - condition of low numbers of thrombocytes in the blood
-pepsia Meaning: Digestion Example: Hyperpepsia - abnormally rapid digestion
-pexy Meaning: Fixation, usually done surgically Example: Hysteropexy - fixation of a displaced uterus
-phage, -phagia, -phagy Meaning: Eating, devouring Example: Macrophage - a cell that eats invaders
-phasia Meaning: Speaking Example: Dyspahsia - difficulty in swallowing
-pheresis Meaning: Removal Example: Leukapheresis - removal of leukocytes fron drawn blood
-phil, -philia Meaning: Attraction, affinity for Example: Hemophilia - A permanent tendency toward bleeding.
-phobia Meaning: Fear Example: Agoraphobia - orrational fear of the open or unfamiliar
-phonia Meaning: Sound Example: Dysphonia - altered voice production
-phoresis Meaning: Carrying Example: Diaphoresis - perspiration
-phoria Meaning: Feeling, carrying Example: Adiaphoria - non-response to stimuli
-phrenia Meaning: Of the mind Example: Hebephrenia - a disorganized type of schizophrenia
-phthisis Meaning: Wasting Away Example: Hemophthisis - anemia
-phylaxis Meaning: Protection Example: Anaphylaxis - a sever reaction to an agent the body recognizes as an invader
-physis Meaning: Growing Example: Epiphysis - part of a long bone distinct from and growing out of the shaft
-plakia Meaning: Plaque Example: melanoplakia - colored patches on the mucous membrane
-plasia Meaning: Formation Example: Hyperplasia - an increase of the normal number of cells in an organ
-plasm Meaning: Formation Example: Cytoplasm - a substance of protoplasm in a cell
-plastic Meaning: Forming Example: Neoplastic - containing a neoplasm or the chracteristics of one
-plasty Meaning: Surgical Repair Example: Dermatoplasty - Surgical repair of the skin
-plegia Meaning: Paralysis Example: Paraplegia - paralysis of both lower extremities
-plegic Meaning: One who is paralyzed Example: Paraplegic - One who has paraplegia
-pnea Meaning: Breath Example: Dyspnea - difficult or abnormal breathing
-poiesis Meaning: Formation Example: Thrombopoiesis - formation of thrombocytes
-poietic Meaning: Forming Example: Erythropoietic - of the formation of red blood cells
-poietin Meaning: One that forms Example: Erythropoietin - an acid that aids in the formation of red blood cells
-porosis Meaning: Lessening in density Example: Osteoparosis - lessening in bone density
-ptosis Meaning: Falling down, Dropping Example: Nephroptosis - when the kidney sinks into the pelvis cavity
-rrhage Meaning: Discharging heavily Example: Hemorrhage - to bleed heavily
-rrhagia Meaning: Heavy Discharge Example: Menorrhagia - Excessive menstrual bleeding
-rrhaphy Meaning: Surgical Suturing Example: Colorrhaphy - suture of the colon
-rrhea Meaning: A flowing, A flux Example: Rhinorrhea - runny nose
-rrhexis Meaning: Rupture Example: Angiorrhexis - ruptured blood vessel
-schisis Meaning: Splitting internal body cavity Example: Spondyloschisis - failure of fusion of the vertebral arch
-scope Meaning: Instrument (especially one used for observing) Example: Laparoscope - a scope used for examining the peritoneal cavity
-scopy Meaning: Use of an instrument for observing Example: Endoscopy - use of instruments to view an
-somnia Meaning: Sleep Example: Hypersomnia - excessive day time sleep
-spasm Meaning: Contraction Example: Myospasm - spastic contractions of the muscle
-stalsis Meaning: Contraction Example: Retrostalsis - backward motion of the intestine
-stasis Meaning: Stopping, constant Example: Choleostasis - a condition where bile flow from the liver is blocked
-stat Meaning: Agent to maintain a state Example: Homeostat - an agent that arrests the flow of blood
-static Meaning: Maintaining a state Example: Orthostatic - Relating to a erect posture
-stenosis Meaning: Narrowing Example: Aortic Stenosis - a narrowing of the aortic valve
-stomy Meaning: Opening Example: Gastrostomy - surgical opening in the stomach (usually for a feeding tube)
-tome Meaning: Cutting instrument, segment Example: Dermatome - an instrument for making thin slices of the skin
-tomy Meaning: Cutting operation Example: Craniotomy - surgical operation that removes a pertion of the skull to access the brain
-trophic Meaning: Nutritional Example: Hypotrophic - progressive degeneration of organs and tissues
-trophy Meaning: Nutrition Example: Atrophy - a wasting away of the body
-tropia Meaning: Turning Example: Anatropia - deviation of the axis of one eye upward
-tropic Meaning: Turning Toward Example: Dexiotropic - twisting in a spiral fashion from left to right
-tropy Meaning: condition os turning toward Example: Neurotropy - affinity of certain contrasts mediums for nervous tissue
-uria Meaning: urine Example: Dysuria - painful or difficult urination
-version Meaning: Version Example: Retroversion - a turning backward
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