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RMA Review - Chpt 23

Medical Emergencies and First Aid

What percent of the body is involved in a burn that covers one arm and the head of an adult 18%
The Good Samaritan law explicitly allows medical assistant's to administer first aid within the scope of their competence
In emergency childbirth, at what point should the umbilical cord be tied and cut when the infant starts breathing
To treat frostbite, a medical assistant can place warm clothing and blankets around the affected area
Symptoms of heat stroke pulse is rapid, the skin is hot and dry, and the patient feels weak
When treating a second degree burn, a medical assistant should Immerse the burned area in cold water
When Bill Williams scraped his skin, he most likely got a(n) abrasion
Irreversible brain damage can be caused by tissue anoxia lasting more than 4 to 6 minutes
Correct way to treat a snakebite Immobilize the bitten area and wash it with soap and water
If a patient is bleeding from the lower arm and direct pressure and elevation do not stop the bleeding, where should pressure be applied Brachial artery
One possible cause of stroke is Occlusion in the brain by a thrombus
White, waxy, or grayish yellow skin that also feels crusty and softness in tissue beneath the skin could indicate frostbite
Possible treatment of syncope Have the patient lower his/her head between the legs, laying patient flat on patient's back with feet slightly elevated, loosening tight clothing and applying a cold cloth to patient's face (ALL OF THE ABOVE)
The Heimlich maneuver is used for choking
Anaphylactic shock occurs following Allergic reaction
Should not be done by a patient with a concussion take aspirin
The most severe and major complication for burn victims is Infection
Should not be done when a patient complains of abdominal pain apply heat to the patient's abdomen
Closed wounds are called bruises or contusions
When administering CPR, how many compressions should you do in 1 minute 100
According to Good Samaritan laws Emergency care is permitted when it is within the scope of competence of the person
Chest pain might indicate cocaine use, Myocardial infarction (BOTH)
When you suspect neck injury, what action should you take to open the patient's airway before administering rescue breathing Put your fingers behind the jawbone just below the ear and push the jaw forward
Treat hypoglycemia by administering glucose
What is the best location to check the pulse of an adult who is unconscious and not breathing at the carotid artery of the neck
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