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RMA Review - Chpt 21


A measurement of the actual absorbed dose of radiation is called Rad
An image produced on film by a sweeping beam of radiation is known as Scan
The study of the gallbladder by x-ray with an oral contrast medium is called Cholecystography
Not a correct statement regarding myelography It is fluoroscopy of the central nervous system
Radiation therapy for deeper tumors done on an outpatient basis is known as Teletherapy
The best temperature for film storage is 60 - 70 degrees F
Film artifacts are Areas that interfere with the diagnostic value of the radiograph
The frequency of electromagnetic radiation is measured in Hertz
Excretory urography is also known as Intravenous pyelography
A type of diagnostic radiology that uses high frequency sound waves is Ultrasound
Positions that are neither parallel nor perpendicular to the body are called Oblique
The front - to - back position in radiology is known as Anteroposterior
The process in which an atom may gain or lose electrons is called Ionization
Not correct in regard to radio sensitivity Specialized cells are the most radiosensitive
Before a mammogram, the patient should Avoid wearing deodorant
In preparing patients for such tests as barium enemas and CT scans, the MA should Ask them whether they are allergic to contrast media, iodine, or shellfish
Safety precautions are necessary because Radiation exposure is cumulative
Xeroradiography is used primarily for Mammography (to diagnose breast cancer)
How long should a patient fast prior to the procedure of a "barium meal"? 12 hours
Used in the patient's mouth for a saliography in order to open the salivary duct lemon
In preparation of the patient for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), he/she should be asked about possible allergies to contrast media, iodine, or shellfish
A radiological study of the spinal cord is called Myelography
Xeroradiography is useful to diagnose which disorder Breast cancer
Thermography indicates what abnormalities Fibrocystic breast disease Breast abscesses Breast tumors (All of the above)
Which type of radiology involves the injection of isotopes combined with glucose Positron Emission Tomography (PET)
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