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RMA Review - Chpt20


Transmission of EKG signals via radio waves Telemetry
On an EKG tracing, an indication of the absence of electrical charge or activity represents Baseline
A beat arising from a focus outside the heart is Ectopic beat
Epicardium Outermost layer of the heart
Sudden rush of blood pushed into the ventricles as a result of atrial contraction is Atrial kick
The U wave represents Repolarization
Not necessary in administering an EKG Sterilizing the leads
Which type of lead is lead III Bipolar limb lead
Represented by the Q-T interval One ventricular contraction and recovery
Leads aVR, aVL, and aVF are -Limb leads and Augmented leads(aka Unipolar leads) (BOTH OF THESE)
Successful depolarization of the atria or ventricles by an artificial pacemaker is called capture
Not a cause of artifacts on an EKG Clean sensors
Augmented leads are also known as Unipolar leads
The QRS complex represents Contraction of the ventricles
The coronary sinus empties into the Right atrium
A falling or drooping of the heart Cardioptosis
Measurement of the atrial rate on the EKG tracing P waves
Lead II is a(n) Bipolar limb lead
The heart's conduction system is measured by Exercise electrocardiography
Which of the patient's limbs serves as an electrical ground Right leg
Depolarization of fast cells is dependent on which electrolytes Sodium
Device that may deliver a small amount of electrical energy to cause myocardial depolarization Electronic pacemaker
Cardiomegaly often occurs in which condition Congestive heart failure
Which waves on an EKG represent the slow recovery of repolarization U wave
When ventricular rhythm is extremely slow and irregular, and it becomes slower to the point of asystole, it is called Agonal rhythm
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