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Medical Asepsis and the OSHA Standard

A tiny plant or animal that cannot be seen with the naked eye? Microorganism
A microorganism the produces that produces a disease? Pathogen
Nonpathogen a microorganism that does not produce disease
What are three growth requirements for microorganisms? proper nutrients,oxygen,temperature,darkness,moisture and neural pH.
A microorganism that can only exist in the presence of oxygen? Aerobe
What is the name that is given to a person who cannot fight off a pathogen that has entered his or her body? Susceptible host
What makes a person resistant to a pathogen? poor nutrition,poor hygiene,and stress
What is the term used to describe practices that help to keep an object or area clean and free from infection? medical asepsis
What is picked up through daily activities, and attached loosely to the skin; they are pathogenic? Transient Flora
What is the purpose of OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard? reduce the risk to employees of exposure to infectious disease
All of the folowing are examples of non intact skin except: a. skin with dermatitis b. burned skin c. bruised skin d. chapped skin C
Which of the following is an exposure incident? a. spilling blood on a lab worktable b. sticking yourself with needle after drawing up an injectable medication c. getting blood onto your bare hands d. splashing blood into your eyes e. all of the abov D
Immunization is scheduled for hepatitis B vaccine? 0,1 month, 6 months
What is a example of microorganisms? bacteria, virus,and protozoa
The optimal growth temperature is? the temperature at which a microorganism grows best
Microorganisms can be transmitted through? droplet infection, insects, contaminated food, and contaminated equipment
Cilia removes pathogens from the body by? constantly beating toward the outside of the cell
OSHA employees are required to update their Exposure Control Plan? annually(once a year)
Engineering controls physical or mechanical device used to remove health hazards from the workplace
Personal Protective equipment should be used to? draw blood
The most common side effect of the hepatitis B vaccine is? soreness at the injection site
Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is caused by a? virus