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cardiovascular system

aden/o gland
angi/o, vas/o vessel
aort/o aorta
arteri/o artery
ather/o yellow/fatty plaque
arti/o atrial(upper chambers of heart)
cardi/o heart
erythr/o red
hem/o, hemat/o blood
leuk/o white
lymph/o lymph
phleb/o vein
splen/o spleen
thromb/o clot
ventricul/o ventricle(lower chambers of heart)
aortic pertaining to the aorta
aortic aneurysm ballooning of the aorta
vasodilation dilation of the vein
atheroscelrosis hardening of the fatty plaque
arteriostenosis narrowing of the artery
arterioscelrosis hardening of the artery
arteritis inflammation of the artery
adenitis inflammation of the gland
lymphadenopathy diseased lymph gland
angioplasty to repair a blood vessel
atrial pertaining to the atria(upper chamber of the heart)
hematologist specialist of the study of blood.
thrombophlebitis inflammation of the vein do to a clot
lymphoma tumor found in the lymph tissue
cardiac pertaining to the heart
myocardium heart muscle
hemangioma tumor of the blood vessel
endocardium inner layer of the heart
venipuncture surgical puncture of the vein
venule small vein
arteriole small artery
thrombocytopenia deficiency of clot cell
thrombocyte clot cell
atrioventricular pertaining to the atria and ventricle
arterial pertaining to the artery
arteriorrhexis rupture of the artery
phlebotomy incision to draw blood
cardiomegaly enlarged heart
thrombectomy surgical removal of a clot
main function of heart? distribute blood threw the body
largest artery? aorta
right side of the heart carries blood that is? deoxygenated
left side of the heart carries blood that is? oxygenated
what are the 4 chambers of the heart? top left and right is the atria bottom left and right is the ventricle
the bicuspid valve is located between? the left atria & the left ventricle
the tricuspid valve is located between? the right atria & the right ventricle
largest vein vena cava
what are the 3 layers of the heart epicardium myocardium endocardium
function of the arteries carries blood away from the heart (oxygenated)
function of the veins carries blood to the heart(deoxygenated)
function of the capillaries its the site for material exchange(smallest blood vessel)
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