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PE Ch 8

Phlebotomy Essentials Ch 8

accession record in the order received
anchor secure firmly, as in holding a vein in place by pulling the skin taut with the thumb of the nondominent hand
arm/wrist band two other names for an identifiaction band/bracelet
ASAP as soon as possible
Barcode series of black stripes and white apces that correspond to letters and numbers
bedside manner behavior of a healthcare provider toward a patient or as perceived by a patient
concentric circles starting from the center and moving outward in ever widening circles
DNR/DNAR do not resusitat/do not attempt resuscitation
EMLA a eutectic mixure of local anesthetics
Fasting No food or drink except water for 8-12 hours
hospice type of care for the terminally ill patients
ID band/bracelet identification bracelet
ID card clinic-issued patient identifiaction document
MR number Medical record number used for patient ID
Needle phobia Intense fear of needles
Needle sheath covering or cap of a needle
NPO Nothing by mout
Palpate to examine by touch or feel
Preop/Postop before an operation or surgery/after an operation or surgery
Reflux backflow of blood from the tube into the vein during a draw
Requisition form on whcih test orders are entered and sent to the lab
stat immediately
ANA/RNA/RF Diagnose lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, which can affect nervous system function
CBC determine hemoglobin levels, detect infection adn identify blood disorders
BUN/creatinine Diagnose kidney function disorders that may be responsible for problems such as confusion, coma, seizures and tremors
Calcium/Magnesium Identify abnormal levels associated with seizures and muscle problems
Electrolytes Determine sodium and potassium levels critical to proper nervous system functioning
ESR Detect inflammation, identify collagen vascular diseases
Glucose Detect and monitor diabetes. Abnormal levels can cause confusion, seizures, or coma or lead to peripheral neuropathy
PT/PTT Monitor blood-thinning medications; important in heart conditions, coagulation problems, and stroke management
SPEP, IPEP Identify protein or immune globin disorders that can lead to nerve damage
VDRL/FTA Diagnose or rule out syphilis, which can cause nere damage and dementia
Tests affected by eating: glucose, cholesterol and triglycerides
Tourniquet is applied ____________ inches from the venipuncture site 3-4
Fist pumping notably increases the levels of potassium and ionized calcium
patency state of being freely open. Vein is turgid (giving it bounce or resilience) and has a tube-like feel
thrombosed vein vein that feels hard and cord-like, lacks resistance
30 degree angle angle of needle for antecubital site venipunctures
10 degree angle angle of needle for hand site venipunctures using a butterfly needle
reflux flow of blood from the tube back into the vein
blood collection tubes are labeled ________________. immediately after specimen collection
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