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Specimen C -T- P

Microbiology Specimen Collection, Transport and Processing

Body Fluids (peritoneal, synovial, pleural, etc) Sterile, screw-cap container or anaerobic transporter Disinfect aspiration site with alcohol swab and Betadine Needle aspiration are preferable to swab collections Transport immediately to laboratory
Eye Aerobic transport swab Pull lower lid down while gently collecting exudate slong rim Trahsport swabay be stored up to 24 hrs at room temp
Stool Clean, leak proof container Outpatients: At minimum, three specimens are collected every other day Transport to lab within 24 hr at 4*C Plate within 72 hrs if storing at 4*C
Rectal swab Swab placed directly in enteric transport medium Insert swab approx 1 in past anal sphincter Store at 4*C, transport within 24 hr to lab and place within 72 hr
Gonorrhea culture Jembec transport system or transport device with Stuart's or Amie's medium Wipe away exudate before obtaining culutre specimen, obtain culture specimen with swab Do not refrigerate Transport to lab within 2 hrs
Chlamydia culture Specialized transport medium containing antibiotics Urogenital swab preferred; necessary to obtain epithelial cells, not exudate Transport immediately on ice to lab Store up to 24 hr at 4*C; inoculate within 15 min of collection if swab is not on ice
Skin scraping for fungal culture Clean, screw-top tube Wipe skin with alcohol prep pad Scrape skin at leading edge of lesion Can be held indefinitely at room temp but best to process within 72 hrs of collection
Sputum Sterile, screw-cap container Patient should rinse or gargle with mouthwash before collection Have patient collect from deep cough; do not collect saliva Store at 4*C and plate within 24 hr
Throat Transport swab Have patient sitting with head tilted back Swab pharynx and tonsils,not mouth, tongue or teeth Transport and plate within 24 hr; room temp storage
Ova and parasite (O&P) OP&P transport device (with formalin and PVA) Patient should have not used laxatives, antacids, or stool softeners Wait 7-10 days if pt has been taking Pepto-Bismol, Kaopectate, or MOM Store at room temp and deliver to lab within 24 hr
Urine Sterile, screw-cap container Instruct patient in clean catch midstream collection Hold at 4"C and deliver to lab within 24 hr Hold at 4*C (39.2*F) and plate within 24 hr
Superficial wound Aerobic transport swab Wipe area with sterile saline or alcohol prep pad before collection Rotate swab while gently swiping wound Transport and plate within 24 Hr; room temperature storage
Deep wound or abscess Anaerobic transport device Wipe area with sterile saline or alcohol prep pad before collection Aspirate material, excise tissue, or insert swab deep into wound Store at room temperature; transport to labe within 4 hr
Blood Blood culture media set or Vacutainer brand blood culture tube with SPS Disinfect venipuncture site with alcohol swab and Betadine Draw blood during febrile episodes (usually drawn- two sets from opposite arms) Deliver to lab within 2 hrs; incubate at 37*C (98.6*F)
Created by: cskinner