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Ch. 26 - WWII

Chapter 26 - World War II

Benito Mussolini totalitarian dictator of Fascist Italy
Adolf Hitler totalitarian dictator of Nazi Germany
totalitarian form of government in which a person or group of people has control over all aspects of life
Neutrality Acts series of laws in the US that banned the sale of weapons to nations at war.
appeasement giving in to demands in order to maintain peace
blitzkrieg lightning war
Lend Lease Act law that allowed the United States to lend, sell or lease weapons to nations considered vital to the defense of the United States
rationing placing limits on the amount of a type of good that a person could buy
propaganda information that is used to get people to do or think a certain thing.
internment camp place where many Japanese Americans were relocated to during WWII
D Day Name of the Allied invasion of Normandy
genocide the attempted elimination of a group of people
Holocaust the attempted elimination of the Jewish people during WWII that killed over 6 million Jewish people
Manhattan Project American program designed to build an atomic bomb
Nuremberg War Trials Held Nazi and Japanese leaders responsible for crimes against humanity
Hiroshima and Nagasaki cities where the United States dropped two atomic bombs marking the end of World War II.
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