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bps common combining

common combining forms

hem/o, hemat/o blood
hepat/o liver
cardi/o heart
gastr/o stomach
oste/o bone
dermat/o skin
derm/a skin
my/o muscle
muscul/o muscle
neur/o nerve
ren/o kidney
nephr/o kidney
ur/o urine
leuk/o white
erythr/o red
colon/o colon
col/o colon
colp/o vagina
venous vein
costal ribs
encepl/o brain
gravis great
arthr/o joint
scler/o hard
carin/o cancer
electro/ electricity
lact milk
oto ear
cut/o skin
cutane/o skin
hidr/o sweat
kert/o hard skin
melan/o black
myc/o fungus
onych/o,ungu/o nail
pachy/o thick
pil/o,trich/o hair
rhytid/o wrinkles
seb/o sebum (oil)
squam/o scale
sud/o, sudor/o sweat
xer/o dry
gossi/o tongue
sarc/o flesh
hist/o tissue
albin/o white
erythema/o red
xanth/o yellow
icetr/o yellow
cyan blue
integument/o skin
lip/o fat
adip/o fat
prefix of para- around,besides
prefix of per- through
dermatologist specialist of skin
dermatitis inflammation of the skin
dermal pertaining to the skin
dermatome instrument use to cut the skin
dermomycosis any fungus skin condition
onychomalacia softening of the nails
onychophagia habitual biting of the nails
onychorrhexis rupture of the nail
onychoma tumor of the nail
onychomycosis condition of fungus under the nail
onychoptosis falling off of the nail
onychogenic producing of the nail
adipiod resembling fat
adiposis accumulation of fat
adiposuria presence of fat in urine
adipoma fatty tumor
dermotoautoplasty auto grafting of the skin: taken from the pt's own body
dermatophobia fear of acquiring a skin disease
lipemia too much fat in the blood
lipopenia deficiency of fat in the body
lipedema accumulation of access fat and fluid in the subcutaneous tissue
Created by: bpstears