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Immune System

A&P Ch: 31

main purpose of the immune system is to defend the body against antigens
substances that the body recognizes as foreign antigens
examples of antigens bacteria,viruses,fungi,parasites
when the body begins to attack itself and destroy healthy cells is it called autoimmne response
an example of an autoimmune disorder rheumatoid arthritis
undesirable response to pollen,animals or food is an allergy
the body's first line of defense when facing antigens barriers
three types of barriers anatomic;biochemical;mechanical
example of anatomic barrier skin;mucous membranes;intestinal tract
examples of biochemical barriers tears;sweat;sebacious glands
examples of mechanical barriers coughing;urination;dead cells slough off
2nd line of defense against infection inflammation process
inflammation process results in skin that is red, swollen and warm to touch
3rd line of deense against infection antibody defense
all blood cells originate in the bone marrow
organs of the immune system bone marrow;thymus;lymph nodes;spleen;tonsils;adnoids;appendix;peyer patches
intercept antigens from invading the upper respiratory tract tonsils and adnoids
fight antigens that reach the blood stream bone marrow and spleen
WBC's with immunity functions lymphocytes
B lymphocytes produce antibodies
B lymphocytes make up abou _____ of the total lymphocytes 20%
Act directly on target cells and provide cell mediated immunity T cells
T cells make up _____ of the total lymphocytes 80%
4 types of T cells helper;suppressor;memory;killer
produce protein called lymphokines that help othr lymphocytes and phagocytes perform their functions T helper cels
can directly kill infected or malignant cells killer T cells
antibodies from the B cells are known as immunoglobulins
the 5 classes of immunoglobulins are IgA;IgD;IgM;IgG;IgE
the body hs the most of what immunoglobulin IgG
A virus tht invades the T cells of the immune system AIDS
way to aquire AIDS that is now a very low risk due to the intense screening that is now done blood transfusion
headache,fever,fatigue,enlarged lymph nodes are early S+S of AIDS
the three most common opportunistic diseases associated with HIV pneumocystis carni pneumonia;kaposi's sarcoma;candidiasis
blood tests that detect HIV antibodies ELISA and Western Blot
blood test that detects HIV antigen Coulter HIV p24 antigen assay
a group of diseases characterized by the growth of abnormal cells cancer
the spread of a tumor to a new site is called metastasis
cancer arising from the epithelial tissue carcinomas
cancer arising from connective tissue sarcoma
cancer of the blood and blood forming organs leukemias
cancer of the lymph tissue lymphomas
cancer of the cartilage chondrosarcoma
new frowth eithr benign or malignant neoplasm
tumors that are slow growing,do not invade other tissue, do not spread are referred to as benign
identifies the extent of the spread of cancer staging
4 types of carcinogens chemical;viral;physical;familial
an example of a viral carcinogen and found in 70% of cases of cervical cancer HPV
release of histimine into the blood stream results in warmth,redness and swelling
medication used to treat cancer that alters cell growth and division chemotherapy
most common treatment for cancer surgery
1st approved vaccine was for which type of cancer prostate
muscle weakness,pain,low grade fever,fergetfullness,irritability and confusion are syptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome
when WBC's are removed from the blood it is called leukapheresis
a test that allows for visualization of hollow organs endoscopy
images of metabolic activity of body tissues by measuring glucose uptake PET scan
disease process where protective antibodies react against the normal tissue lupus
type of drug given to decrease inflammation steroids
autoantibody that locks on to the bodys own IgG molecule rheumatoid factor
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