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Medical Office Cycle

Medical Office Information Cycle

Patients make appointments with the medical office assistant or anyone who performs front desk duties. The front desk is where patients may check-in, telephone calls are received, appointments scheduling is performed, and mgmt. of the patient reception. Step 1
The medical office assistant retrieves the medical record and prepares an encounter form (superbill). Step 2
The patient arrives for the appointment. Confirm insurance information (card)with what's on the encounter form. Always verify patient info on file with the patient for accuracy. Step 3
The provider's medical assistant will call the patient for the examination. Step 4
The provider examines the patient and charting (a method of writing notes in the patient's medical record) that has been done and marks procedures and diagnoses on the encounter form. Step 5
The medical office assistant enters the information on the encounter form into the patient's account. This also includes entering payments and billing the appropriate person or insurance company. Step 6
The patient returns tot he front desk or other appropriate area, if needed, for scheduling patients; otherwise the patient leaves the medical office. Step 7
At the time of visit, the patient may pay on his or her account. Typical pay. required at the time of visit are co-pay. and/or deductibles. A co-pay. (fixed fee at each visit). A deductible (amt. the patient has to pay before ins. starts paying.). Step 8
Created by: dames54