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Roman Emperors

Rome Test

Nero Know for being selfish and cruel Promoted art Killed himself because of Romans unloyalism
Hadrian Intelligent ruler who had passion for Greek philosophy and learning Helped reform Roman legal system Not interested in military Unpopular near death because he did not immediately pick a successor
Trajan Was respected because helped citizens Known for bloodshed games like Gladiator fights and Chariot races Was known for military conquest
Marcus Aurelius Dies ending the Pax Romana
Diocletian Divided empire into East and West and ruled eastern side Made reform called "Edict on Prices" To fund dividing of empire created new tax system Persecuted Christians
Constantine Builds new capital called Constantinople at formally called Byzantium Under rule Christianity becomes main religion of Roman empire
Augustus Octavian Rome's First Emperor Creator of Pantheon Took over after Caesar
Created by: Cman99