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phlebobomy test prep

maple wood phlebotomy

Which type of hepatitis is not a bloodborne pathogen? hepatitis A
What color is the stopper for the evacuated tube that contains a sodium citrate additive? Blue
Which of the following is used to separate plasma or serum from red blood cells? Centrifuge
What is a nosocomial infection? An infection acquired in a healthcare facility
What is the primary cause of a collapsed vein during a venipuncture? Blood being withdrawn tooo quickly
the use of Betadine for cleansing the patient's skin can interfere with the analysis of which of the following? Bilirubin
Which of the following statements regarding safe use to tube holders and needles is TRUE? Discard both the needle and tube holder as a unit into a sharps container
In the United States, which of these bloodborne diseases is most likely to be transmitted by needlestick? Hepatits C
Which of the following is the key principle of Universal Precautions? The blood and body fluids of all individuals are considered potentially infectious
Which of the following could cause a hemolyzed blood specimen? Mixing the blood with the additive or anticoagulant by shaking
Which of the following is a good way to prevent needlestick injuries? Using safe needle devices and following instructions for their use and disposal
Which of the following organizations governs safe working conditions for employees? OSHA
What type of consequences would require a chin of custody procedure for a speciment? Legal
Swelling from excess fluids is called what? Edema
In which of the following sitations is use of an alcohol-based hand rub NOT ALLOWED? Prior to eating
Which of the following items is an example of PPE? Fluid-resistant lab coat
Which of the following antecubital veins should be the LAST option from which to draw blood? Basilic
Which of the following can be used to clean a patient's arm prior to collecting a blood alcohol sample? Soap and water
What is the prescribed course of action when a patient begins to feel faint during the course of a blood draw? Remove the needle and have the patient lower their head ti between their knees
What is the correct name for the liquid portion of an anticoagulated blood specimen? Plasma
Which vein would you be most likely to use when collecting a 5mL specimen of blood from an 18 month old child? Median Cubital
What is the proper procedure to be used when a child needs to be restrained for a needle-stick? Ask the parent(s)to assist
Phlebotomists are trained in which of the following phases of laboratory testing? Pre-analytical
According to CLSI standards,what is the recommended depth for a heel puncture? 2.00mm
What is the purpose of ordering a fasting lab test? To eliminated the effects of diet on the test results
Which of these is NOT part of an evacuated blood collection system? Syringe
Which of the following can result in contamination of a blood culture? Repalpitating a sterilyzed site prior to a venipuncture
What is the suffix that means blood? -emia
You accidentally stick yourself with a needle. When is the proper time to report the accident? Immediately
Proper cleaning of a venipuncture site is done with a circular motion form the center of the site to the______________. Periphery
Assume an elderly patient is attempting to get back into bed. Which of the following would be considered appropriate non-verbal communication? Assisting the patient
What is the proper procedure when there is blood on the outside of a tube you have just filled with blood? Use a disinfectant to wipe the outside of the tube
Which of the following test is indicated by the lab abbreviation PT? Prothrombin time
Which of the following options indicates the best way to increase the flow of blood for a microcollection procedure? Pre-warm the site
Which of the following is indicated by the abbreviation "T&C"? Type and Crossmatch
What is the term for drugs that are used to kill disease-causing bacteria? Antibiotics
What is the most effective why to prevent the spread of infection as a phlebotomist? Using proper hand hygiene
Which color-topped tube is used for a lab test that requires serum? Red
When performaing a skin puncture in an adult or older child, you should stick the fleshy part of the fingertip section of which finger? Middle
The phlebotomist checks the requirement of a unfamiliar test. The test requires specimen to be protected from light and performed on serum. Which would the phlebotomist do? SST and wrapped up in foil protected from light
The machine used to separate the serum or plasma form blood cells is called a: Centrifuge
Which type of test can be used to screen for colon cancer? Occult blood
The hormone human chorionic gonadotropin is used to evalute which test: pregnancy
A phlebotomist is at a skilled nursing facility and is drawing specimens. How much time can the specimen be collected and not separated from the formed elements> No more than 2 hours
What kind of system does certain facilities have to carry tubes in a sealed container within a network of tubes? Pneumatic tube system
What test checks for hormaine made by the heart in restonse to expansion of ventricular volume and pressure overload. Its production increases in patients with CHF. B-type natriuretic peptide(Cardiac BNP)
What contains protocols and other information about all the tests performend in the bab, principle behind the test, purpose, specimen type, collection method,equipment and supplies required. Procedure manual
What organization mandates QA programs? Joint Commission
The presence of the pregnancy hormone HCG, can be detected in both Blood and urine
What is example of Clia waived test? Occult Blood
Specimen transferred into separate containers for distribution to a variety of lab departments is know as what: Aliquots
Complete blood clotting may take how many minutes at room temperature? 30 minutes
What microsocopic mist of blood that forms form droplets inside the tube, is a major risk for stopper removal? Aerosol
________ refers to the performance analytic test immediately after obtaining a sample, often in the same room that the patient is seen in. POCT
How long should a person be fasting for? 8-12 hours
Which tyoe of urine sample is required for C&S Clean catch midstream
Hemolysis can be minimized by Immediate separation of cells from plasma or serum
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