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phlebotomy test

maple wood test prep

The proper way to dispose of a needle os to: Put it into a sharps container, without recapping,immediately after withdrawing it
The "Good Samaritan Law" encorages healthcare professionals to: Provide medical care within the scope of their training at the scene of an accident without fear of being sued for negligence.
If a patient refuses a veinpuncture procedure, the phlebotomist should: Immediately report the refusal and actions taken the nures
Microorganisms that cause disease are: Pathogenic
Which of the following veins in the arm is most subjected to veinpucture? Median cubital vein
Post-pranial means: After a meal
Tourniquets may be left on the patient for: 1 minute
This complication results from repeated veinpucture of the same vein Phlebitis
Which of the following is NOT a component that makes yo the chain of infection? Mode of transportation
A henatoma can be prevented if: Pressure is placed on the venipuncture site until the bleeding stops
Arterial blood gases need special handling. What is the handling requirements? Specimen must be chilled after collection
The recommended depth for an infant microcapillary collection should not exceed 2.00mm
Which of the following represents the correct order of draw? Yellow,Light Blue,Green,Gray
Which test tube would be used for "Fasting Blood Sugar" of "Glucose Tolerande Test" Gray
Which of the following is not a common symptom of shock: Thrombus
Bacteria, viruses, fungus or parasites belong to which type of hazard: Biologic
Hemoconcentration can be caused by which of the following? Leaving the toruniquet ong the patient too long
Antisepsis os a technique that is used on which of the following? Skin
In phlebotomy, what does the term peranalytical mean? Variables that affect a specimen prior to lab testing
The "Airbone Percautions" isolation category is used when a patient is suspected or confirmed to have which of these? Tuberculosis
Which of the following is NOT considered to be a phlebotomy competency? Operating a hematology blood analyzer
In considering the safety of the PATIENT, which of the following is the more dangerous element? Labeling collection tubes before collecting the blood
What is the meaning of hemolysis? Blood breaking down
Which color tube stopper indicates a tube with sodium heparin? Green
What does the color-coding of needles indicate? Guage
Which of the gollowing applies for a lipid panel? Patient should be fasting for at least 12 hours with water allowed
what is the proper point at which a sharps container should be closed, sealed and prepared for disposal? when the container is 3/4 full
You are about to perform a veinpucture on a patient who has three good veins in the antecubital area. Which vein should you choose? Median cubital
Which of the following is NOT a restriction for a glucose tolerance test? Drinking water
When performing a skin puncture, the first drop of blood should be: Wiped away
Which of the following can be used more that once? Tourniquets
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