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SS final review

These lines are also called parallels and the main one is the equator. Latitude lines
Meridians that show the distance in degrees east and west of the Prime Meridian. Longitude lines
Which type of map shows information about the past or where historical events took place? Historical
This type of map shows how people, languages, region, rainfall or other information are spread out through an area. distribution map
Which kind of map shows Earth's natural features such as landforms? physical map
An example of this source would be someone who is giving a first hand account of their experience. primary source
A textbook would be an example of this type of source. secondary source
Family traditions and celebrated festivals are part of a person's...... culture
These are ways of living that people practice regularly over time. customs
When did stone age people use technology? When they shaped stones and used them for hunting.
Why was agriculture important in th New Stone Age? It gave them a surplus which helped them to develop a civilizaton.
What is surplus? An excess of a crop which the person can sell or trade.
Civilizations developed near rivers because.... The soil was fertile in these areas.
What did surplus make it possible for people in the New Stone Age to do? Specialize
What is a civilization? When a group of people have an organized government, education, religion and specialization.
What is irrigation used for? Farmers use irrigation to water their crops.
What does monotheistic mean? The belief in one god.
What is polytheistic? The belief in many gods and/or goddesses.
Civilization developed in the Fertile Crescent because of...... The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
Why was Judaism different? It was monotheistic.
Describe Hieroglyphics. An Ancient Egyptian form of writing that used pictures. It was helpful for keeping records and taxes.
Describe reincarnation in the Hindu society. Reincarnation is the belief that after death, the soul is reborn in another form.
How did reincarnation affect how people acted? People in Hindu society acted on their best behavior because they believed that if they lived a good life uring this life, they would be reborn int a higher caste.
How is the Hindu caste system like the Egyptian social pyramid? The are both a ranking system with different levels or statuses.
What was the main idea in Buddhism? The main goal was to end suffering of its followers.
What is a monarchy? A type of government where there is a single ruler, such as a king or queen.
What is an oligarchy? A type of government where a small group of powerful men are in charge.
What is a democracy? A type of government where the citizens elect representatives. It had its beginnings in Greece.
What does the Four Noble Truths say about suffering? The Four Noble Truths say that suffering can end if people stop wanting things.
What was Socrates known for? He was known for encouraging people to ask questions.
Athens was known for..... The purpose of education was to produce citizens trained in the arts, and to prepare citizens for both peace and war.
Sparta was known for..... The purpose of education was to produce a well-drilled, well-disciplined marching army.
Who was an Athenian leader who was a proponent of democracy? Pericles
What was the time of great achievement called in Athens? The Golden Age.
What did Alexander the Great do? He spread Greek culture throughout the Middle East known as cultural interaction.
Why was Julius Caesar assassinated? The Senate thought that he was becoming too powerful.
What were the Twelve Tables? The foundation of Roman Law.
What was the role of the Consuls? They were administrators and military leaders.
What was the role of the Senate? The proposed laws and approved construction projects.
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