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allia abanto

Ch. 1-4

-al pertaining to
dent tooth
-istry specialist
-ry occupation
dia complete
-gnosis knowledge of abnormal condition
-itis inflammation
-logist one who studies
-logy study of
gastr/o stomach
dermat/o skin
arthr/o joints
cardi/o heart
epi above
endo inside, within
peri around
hypo below
hyper above
-scopy visual examination
-desis fixation, binding
-plasty surgical repair
-rrhage excessive flow, to flow profusely
-ia condition
pyrex fever, heat
hem/o blood
-um structure
-gnose recognize an abnormal condition
dia complete
-tic pertaining to
-gnosis knowledge of an abnormal condition
atom a small unit of matter
blast/o immature cell
-cyst sac, bladder
cellul- pertaining to a cell
cyt/o cell
-ation process
fertiliz to bear
holist whole
-ule small
molec mass
-cyte cell
o/o egg
-elle small
-plasm something formed
-lyte solluble
electr/o electric
intra within
-ism condition
metabol change
mit/o thread
chondr/o cartilage, rib, granule
-ion action, condition
-oid resemble
ster- solid
anabol- to build up
ate composed of, pertaining to
carb/o carbon
hydr/o water
catabol- to break down
-mere part
-id having a particular quality
chromat/o color
-in substance, chemical compound
-some body
chrom/o color
-plasm- to form
reticul/o netweork
glyc/o sugar
lys/o decompose
-us pertaining to
nucle nucleus
prot/e first
rib/o rib-like
-ior pertaining to
-al pertaining to
co- together
ate composed of, pertaining to
-later- side
anter- before, front part
-ordin- arrange
thel/i nipple
hist/o tissue
caps box
-gen produce, form
coll/a glue
-blast germ cell
fibr/o fiber
-ent end result
nutri nourish
oste/o bone
-clast break
periosteum fibrous membrane covering the bone
osteoblast bone-forming cell
osteoclast bone-removing cell
osteocyte bone-maintaining cell
syn- together
ov/i egg
Created by: Billing Class